Holidays in Cambodia in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cambodia in October

Vacation in Cambodia in October

Vacation in Cambodia in October

Weather conditions in Cambodia in October are not suitable for recreation. So what potential tourists should look forward to?

Weather in Cambodia in October

The air temperature is + 31C during the day and + 23C at night. The water temperature off the coast of Cambodia is about +29 degrees.

October is the wettest month of the year. There is 318.9 millimeters of precipitation in October. It rains for 24 days, so many people refuse to stay in Cambodia. In most cases, there are thunderstorms in October, and sometimes there are moderate to light rainfalls. Air humidity ranges from 64% to 94%, but sometimes it can be 52% or 100%.

There are six hours of sunshine a day in October. Daylight hours are 11 hours. Cloudiness decreases towards the end of the month. In October, most often there is a north-east and north wind. Average speed is 0 - 5.4 m / s.

Features of travel in Cambodia in October

The best solution would be to refuse a tourist trip to Cambodia in October, because there are enough reasons for this..

Meteosensitive people may complain about feeling unwell, which is caused by a combination of temperature and humidity levels. In addition, a high level of humidity causes high temperatures to be perceived even higher, as a result of which you can suffer from tropical heat. Frequent rains make it difficult to fully enjoy the beach vacation and the excursion program, because in inclement weather you will have to sit in a hotel room. Thus, the trip will not give many pleasant impressions..

In October, Cambodia does not host events of real interest to tourists, so cultural leisure will not be interesting and rich. At the same time, several important events for local residents can be noted. In October, the Bonn Katem religious festival is held, October 29 is Coronation Day, October 31 is the birthday of the Father of the King of Cambodia.

Among the advantages, one should note democratic prices, because the low season leads to the fact that air tickets become cheaper and representatives of the tourist business have to offer substantial discounts. Despite this, a vacation in Cambodia in October cannot be called a good decision..

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