Resorts of Cambodia: photos, description

Resorts of Cambodia

Resorts of Cambodia

The Cambodian beach destination as an alternative to Thai is increasingly appearing in the search queries of Russian travel agencies: potential travelers want diversity within their beloved Southeast Asian region. Every year, whole groups of fans of a serene vacation arrive at the resorts of Cambodia, which can be easily combined with a rich excursion program, because there are no other temple complexes equal to Khmer in size and importance anywhere in the world..

For or Against?

Undoubtedly ticks in the list of arguments for a trip to the resorts of Cambodia can be put in the event that:

  • You like oriental exoticism and do not mind high humidity, extreme cuisine and not too well-groomed beaches.
  • You prefer not to overpay for your vacation simply because the resort is too popular and promoted.
  • You are attracted by a luxurious excursion, even for the sake of which it is worth flying half the world.

Arguments "against" are usually a long flight and the need for a visa to Cambodia for Russian citizens. But in fairness, it is worth noting that the visa is easily placed at the border, and the time spent on the way from Moscow to Thailand practically does not differ in the short direction..

City of fishermen

The most popular of Cambodia's resorts is located about six hours from the capital of the country. A bus or an old and slightly rusty boat helps to overcome this distance. The first means of transportation involves stops along the way, the second is a rafting down the Tonle Sap River with all the ensuing colorful consequences..
The resort of Sihanoukville was in the past a fishing village, and today hundreds and thousands of Europeans and Americans spend holidays, winters and even years of life here. Sihanoukville's beaches are sandy and stretch along the Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea. The busiest of them are located in the city limits and a little to the north of it, and the southern beaches are more suitable for backpackers and those who like to smoke weed lying in a hammock, unpretentious to the level of comfort..
There are more and more Russian tourists in the resort of Cambodia every year, and therefore former compatriots who settled there long ago and firmly opened several restaurants of Russian cuisine and even hotels on the islands in Sihanoukville.


  • Resorts of Cambodia
  • Resorts of Cambodia