Caribbean islands: photo. Popular Caribbean Islands

Caribbean islands

The Caribbean is a collection of islands in the Caribbean. There are three island groups: the Bahamas, Lesser Antilles and Greater Antilles. Traditionally, the Caribbean Islands belong to the West Indies. The region has a fascinating history. For several centuries it was influenced by Spain, Great Britain, France, Holland, USA and Denmark. The West Indies are located between North and South America, stretching from the mouth of the Orinoco River to the Yucatan and Florida peninsulas.

The Caribbean Sea has a large number of different islands: large and small, covered with rocks and tropical forests. These islands are owned by different states. The Greater Antilles include Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles are the Windward and Leeward Islands. The combined surface area of ​​all the islands of the West Indies is 244,890 sq. km. The Greater Antilles is the largest area. They rise strongly above the sea. As for the Bahamas, they are coral reefs.

The Caribbean islands are distinguished by their picturesque nature. The highest mountain peaks are located in the west of Haiti, in the east of Cuba and in the north of Jamaica. The eastern part of the Lesser Antilles is plain. The coasts of the islands have convenient bays, and the coastal area is rich in coral reefs that protrude above the water. Most of the islands in the Caribbean are of volcanic origin..

Climatic features

The Caribbean islands are affected by an even tropical climate. Hot and humid time begins in May. It rains daily these days. Intense precipitation is observed in the Greater Antilles. Two weeks later, the tropical summer begins, which is characterized by heat and dryness. Coastal sea winds soften the heat a little. Despite the hot summers, the climate is considered to be damp. It contributes to the spread of yellow fever and other tropical diseases. Healthier climate in mountainous areas.

The Caribbean islands are often ravaged by the elements. In early autumn, hurricanes form here. The most pleasant time of the year on the islands is winter, which starts at the end of November and lasts until May.

Caribbean countries

Cuba is a large island from the Greater Antilles group. The state of the same name is located on this island. In addition to it, the island of Juventud is included in the country, as well as about 1600 nearby reefs and small islands. The Greater Antilles includes Jamaica, which ranks third in terms of scale. Puerto Rico is considered a large island, on which the state with the same name is located. The island of Haiti is home to countries such as the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic..

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