Caribbean resorts: photos, description

Caribbean resorts

The Caribbean was once called the West Indies in memory of the fact that the legendary Columbus did not even try to discover America by sailing westward. Located in the Caribbean Sea off the southeastern coast of the North American continent, this round dance of islands includes the Greater and Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas. The islands' numerous bays are convenient harbors, and their famous beaches are the dream of any traveler tired of the hopeless gray routine of slushy off-season. All resorts of the Caribbean Islands, regardless of visa requirements, the difference in hotel prices or the presence or absence of infrastructure, are united by a magnificent climate, magnificent landscapes and amazing hospitality of local residents - cheerful and cheerful people who are used to living and dancing at the same time..

Only delight

Arguments against flying to resorts in the Caribbean seem unconvincing even to notorious skeptics. A long flight will become an exciting adventure in good company on board a modern liner, and special ticket prices during airline promotions allow you to visit exotic islands without breaking a significant gap in the family budget..
But the advantages of such a trip are difficult to describe even in the whole guidebook:

  • The tropical climate is a chance to fly on vacation at any time of the year and get a warm sea and hot sun, ripe fruits and luxurious service, a rich excursion and opportunities for any kind of entertainment on land, on water and under water.
  • Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter most of the popular resorts of the Caribbean Sea, and therefore Cuba or Jamaica, Barbados or Grenada freely open the doors of airports to anyone who wants to step on the sand of their luxurious beaches..
  • At the resorts of the Caribbean Sea, you have the opportunity to choose any vacation - all the islands are so different, and their infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of any category of guests.

Pirates, cigars and rum

Once upon a time, the islands of the Caribbean region were famous all over the world precisely because of these three exotic components. Today, gentlemen of sea luck do not pose any danger to guests of local resorts, but rum and cigars, as before, are the best in these parts. When choosing what to bring your friends back home, pay attention to Cuban or Dominican rum and cigars. The attributes of a serene vacation on white beaches will remind you for a long time of the most wonderful vacation of your life..