Tours to Pyatigorsk (Russia). Rest in Pyatigorsk: photos, tours

Tours to Pyatigorsk

Tours to Pyatigorsk

Among other southern cities of the country, it stands out especially, because for a long time Pyatigorsk has the status of the main mud and balneological resort in Russia and the tourist center of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Fans of clean mountain air and magnificent landscapes preferred to buy tours to Pyatigorsk a hundred years ago, but even today the resort has loyal and numerous fans throughout the post-Soviet space..

On the slopes of Beshtau

It was the name of the famous mountain that gave the name to the resort city, because in translation from Karachai Beshtau means "five mountains". The city appeared on the map of the Russian Empire in 1830 and the active construction of hospitals and sanatoriums immediately began. The second half of the 19th century was marked by increased royal attention, and the resort became the summer residence of the imperial family.
Then the foot of Mount Beshtau was connected by direct railway communication with Moscow, and tours to Pyatigorsk turned out to be very popular among holidaymakers of all kinds..
Today the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk have a wide range of medical resources. There are more than forty types of mineral water alone. The springs differ both in the composition of water and in temperature, and the Tambukan Lake generously shares healing mud with people..

Briefly about the important

  • Going on tours to Pyatigorsk, travelers choose sanatoriums and hotels, of which there are about fifty in the city.
  • You can get to the city by air or by rail. Mineralnye Vody Airport is connected to the resort by fixed-route taxis, and trains and commuter trains from different cities of Russia arrive at the Pyatigorsk passenger station every day..
  • The climate in the resort is characterized by hot summer weather. Thermometer columns in July-August often rise to +35, but most often stop at around +27 degrees. In winter, it is frosty in Pyatigorsk and the temperature can drop to -10. Another climatic feature of winter is frequent fogs and fairly high air humidity..
  • For those who are going to book tours to Pyatigorsk, the nature of the North Caucasus is of undoubted interest. The resort has excellent conditions for various types of tourism. In Pyatigorsk, you can spend time hiking in the surrounding mountains, enjoy a bike ride, conquer the top of Mashuk or Beshtau and succumb to the charm of communicating with magnificent horses on a horse excursion around the surroundings..


  • Tours to Pyatigorsk
  • Tours to Pyatigorsk