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Chile Airports

Chile Airports

Flying to South America is always long and expensive, but such travel still has more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, it is quite legal to be in a calendar summer in winter, and secondly, in terms of excursion programs, historical sights and natural beauties, this continent will give a hundred points ahead of anyone else. A great holiday starts already on board the airline and continues at Chile's airport in Santiago, where most European flights arrive..
The Russian traveler prefers Air France or Air Madrid wings with connections in Paris or Madrid - it is convenient and affordable at a reasonable price. You will have to spend at least 19 hours in the sky, excluding transfers..

Chile International Airports

Only the Chilean Ministry of Transport can accurately count the number of air harbors of the South American state - according to the latest data, there are more than two hundred of them. International status has been assigned to only a few, and it is they who may be of interest to a potential foreign tourist:

  • The capital's airport is named after Arturo Merino Benitez and is located 26 km west of Santiago. Details of work and schedule on the website -
  • You can get to Patagonia on the wings of a local airline and land at the Carlos Ibanez del Campo air harbor, 20 km from Punta Arenas. The city where the airport is located is located in the very south of the country. There is no public transport and the transfer to Punta Arenas is only available by taxi or rented car.
  • Chile's airport in the city of Iquique is located in the northern part of the state. It is connected by air to many of Chile's air harbors. Amaszonas from Bolivia and Andes Lineas Aereas from Argentina fly here.

Metropolitan direction

The country's main air gates serve dozens of destinations not only in South America, but also in Oceania, Australia and the North American continent. Chile's airport in Santiago ranks sixth in South America in terms of passenger traffic.
There are more than 70 duty-free shops, several hotels, 20 cafes and restaurants waiting for the flight. In the arrivals area, you can exchange currency and rent a car.
Dozens of airlines operate many daily flights to all continents, including Air France and Air Madrid, whose flights to France and Spain are the longest direct flights of these carriers..
You can get to the city by taxi or buses. The average cost of a taxi transfer to downtown Santiago is $ 15 (as of September 2015). Centropuerto buses connect the terminal with the train station in the capital.

On a visit to stone idols

The most exotic and mysterious Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean belongs to Chile. The international airport Mataveri is open here, which is served by the airline LAN Chile, which operates regular flights to Easter Island from Santiago and from Papeete on the island of Tahiti. LAN Peru planes from Lima also land here seasonally..


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