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Chile Holidays

Chile Holidays

Most of Chile's holidays are associated with the Catholic religious calendar..

Day of Saints Peter and Paul

Religious holidays are especially honored in the country, since the inhabitants of Chile are deeply religious people. The life of the apostles is an example for the Chileans to be followed by all Christians. Peter and Paul, completely different in origin, were united by a common goal: to convey the word of God to people, fighting against unbelief and ignorance. On saints day, people go to temples to worship their patrons..

All Saints Day and Memorial Day

All Saints Day (November 1) is a Catholic holiday for residents of the country, and the next day (November 2) is the date of commemoration of their ancestors. Residents firmly believe that deceased relatives visit their homes today. That is why the spirits of deceased relatives receive increased attention..

A festive table is set in every house. Delicious dishes are intended not only for guests, but also for spirits who have looked into their former homes. Along with good spirits, evil witches also come to the world of the living. In order to protect themselves from their evil jokes, the inhabitants strongly ask for protection from their patrons. Scary faces carved from pumpkins also adorn the homes of the residents. But in order to somewhat soften the gloomy atmosphere of the holiday, the inhabitants of the country arrange comic entertainment, dedicating them to their dead ancestors..

Day of sea glory

Surprisingly, the Chileans celebrate their own defeat, because sometimes losing can also be honorable. Apparently this is exactly the case.
In 1879, during the Battle of Iquique, the armored ship of Peru «Huascar» entered into battle with a Chilean corvette «Esmeralda». She was significantly inferior to her enemy both in size and power. Despite the death of the captain, the team «Esmeralda» refused to surrender and accepted the battle. The flooded corvette, at the cost of the life of its crew, detained the enemy ship. Thanks to this, the Chilean army won the war. And on this day, the whole country honors the memory of its heroes.

New Year

December is the time when residents put off all their affairs and go to the coast to welcome the beginning of the new year. Tourists also flock here. But if you prefer a traditional meeting, with frost and snow, then the ski resorts are at your service..

The country has its own ancient beliefs, revered by all residents. A rather curious and unusual tradition exists on Easter Island. If you are lucky enough to be the first to find a swallow's egg on this New Year's Eve, then you will become the most revered person in this area. Moreover, the privileges remain for the whole year, until the moment when there is another lucky person.

New Year is a home holiday, and in Chile it is customary to have many children and everyone is not without a gift. A rich table is set in every house. Guests can enjoy hearty and aromatic dishes. Many of them, in accordance with the preferences of local residents, are quite spicy. Well, what a holiday without locally produced liqueurs and wonderful wines.


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