Chile resorts: photos, description

Chile Resorts

Chile Resorts

Due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere, the country of Chile is of particular interest to the domestic traveler during the seasons "vice versa". During the Russian calendar summer, it is quite possible to go downhill skiing here, and from December to March the beach resorts of Chile are a place where an apple has nowhere to fall from those who want to enjoy the delights of the Pacific Ocean and its picturesque coastline. In other words, in addition to an interesting excursion program and magnificent natural landscapes with national parks, the state in South America is able to attract attention and a classic vacation in resorts.

Garden city on the ocean shore

At the end of the 19th century, the powerful of the Chilean "world of this world" began to build dachas and mansions in a place near the industrial metropolis of Valparaiso. Having turned the coast of the Pacific Ocean into a garden city, the Chilean nobility has not changed their holiday habits in Viña del Mar for more than a hundred years..
In the current century, this resort of Chile fell in love with Russian travelers. Having tasted South America, they came to the conclusion that the garden city is the perfect place for those who like to warm their bones on the hot sand, despite the number of zeros in the price of an air ticket..

In the shadow of Rio Elki

Another beach resort in Chile is steadily stepping on the heels of Viña del Mar. La Serena has an undeniable advantage over other Pacific cities in this region - the resort is located near the Rio Elki Valley, famous throughout the continent for its magnificent fruit plantations. The traveler is no less attracted to the beaches of La Serena and the local wine cellars, because the desire to taste excellent wines on vacation has not been canceled in the Southern Hemisphere.

Always in the TOP

For some time now, the ski resorts of Chile are familiar to real fans of winter outdoor activities in Russia. Although, in the case of the Southern Hemisphere, it would be fair to call them summer:

  • Valle Nevado is one of the world's top ski resorts. The height above sea level of three thousand meters and the presence of trails of all degrees of difficulty make it the most popular in the country. On the slopes of Valle Nevado there is an opportunity to do heli-skiing and paragliding.
  • Portillo is the oldest resort in Chile and its infrastructure is considered one of the best on the continent. The instructors of the local school are listed all over the world, and the four types of tracks make it possible to feel great on the local slopes and gurus and beginners.



  • Chile Resorts
  • Chile Resorts