Limassol beaches: photo. Best sandy beaches in Limassol (Cyprus)

Beaches in Limassol

Beaches in Limassol

Magic Cyprus attracts tourists from all over the world to its possessions, promising them the opportunity to relax in such a way that emotions and impressions will last for a whole year. People come here precisely because they know about the high level of local service, the availability of many offers for tourists with different budgets and the richness of the exotic culture of Cyprus. The beaches of Limassol gather thousands of tourists on the golden sand, many of whom dream of returning here next year..

Limassol is considered one of the funniest cities in Cyprus, if only because the nightlife here is very stormy, and during the day the local beaches are simply bursting with tourists. Festivals of various sizes are often held in the town, and beach discos have long become a traditional entertainment. Beautiful eucalyptus groves and original architecture make the city attractive for tourists, and excursions are organized here all year round..

Why Cyprus?

Why are the beaches of Cyprus so good and why do vacationers come here? There are, in fact, a lot of reasons, and most of them lie in the peculiarities of the local service:

  1. offers for any wallet thickness delight many tourists and those who like to save money once again;
  2. local taverns offer a huge selection of national cuisine;
  3. many beaches have swimming pools, so that vacationers can take a fresh water bath after another swim;
  4. each tourist will feel all the delights of an individual approach, taking into account his budget and preferences.

Pissouri beach: for those who love peace

The beach is located in the village of the same name, which stands out for its beautiful and very memorable landscape. The water here is very clean, crystal clear, so vacationers have a great opportunity to participate in training at the local diving school and dive with scuba diving. The local beach is pebbly - the pebbles are rather small, however, a tourist will most likely need a sun lounger to relax. On Sundays, Pissouri beach is crowded because of the Cypriots, but on other days there are much less people here. On the beach, you can find many small taverns where tourists can taste national delicacies..

Clean sand and crystal waters

The best sandy beaches of Limassol are Ladies’ Mile Beach and Curium Beach. Both beaches offer beach equipment rentals and many opportunities for sports enthusiasts. At the same time, Curium Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, and Ladies’ Mile Beach is the most suitable place for windsurfing. It is noteworthy that on both beaches you can find secluded nooks that are remote from the general mass of vacationers, where you can enjoy a calm rest and a pleasant rustle of golden sand..

Photos of Limassol beaches

  • Beaches in Limassol
  • Beaches in Limassol
  • Beaches in Limassol
  • Beaches in Limassol