The best resorts in Cyprus. The best resorts in Cyprus for holidays

The best resorts in Cyprus

The best resorts in Cyprus

Holidays spent in Cyprus are truly festive and southern. That is why both children and their parents like Cyprus. A gentle blue sea, magnificent beaches covered with fine sand, and an excellent climate - all this is offered by the best resorts in Cyprus..


Resort area located in the eastern part of Cyprus. A great place for a family vacation. The magnificent beach on the shores of a small bay is completely safe for swimming.

The excellently developed tourism industry, the golden sands of the local beach, which, by the way, was awarded the blue flag of the European Union, attract many tourists from all over the world. Practically all kinds of water sports can be practiced on the beaches of the resort..

Children will love visiting water parks, which are numerous in the vicinity of the city. There you can spend the whole day riding various water attractions. A must-see is the Ocean Aquarium, where you can see the many inhabitants of the deep sea. Not far from the city is Cape Greco, the country's national park. Here you can just walk, or you can rent a bike.

Ayia Napa

This resort is living a vibrant and fulfilling life, transforming from a quiet family resort to the center of the Mediterranean party life. Quite often it is compared to the famous Ibiza.

Ayia Napa, of course, attracts with its magnificent beaches and wonderful climate, but mainly people come here for nightlife. The excellent quality of music and numerous entertainment have made the resort a popular destination for noisy youth groups. On any beach, you can not only sunbathe, but also actively spend time water skiing or watching the underwater life.

Choosing this resort, you get the opportunity to return to the distant past by visiting many ancient sites. The main attraction of the resort is the monastery of the Virgin Mary, preserved from the Byzantine era.


Larnaca is a much quieter resort, focused specifically on family vacations. A real atmosphere of home comfort reigns here. Larnaca is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons..

Here you will be offered active entertainment for every taste: scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, the opportunity to drive a jet ski or catamaran, which you can ride with your child..

Larnaca is the best place to dive to the bottom of the sea in all of Cyprus. It will be especially interesting to see the remains of Zenobia, a cargo ship that sank in the city's harbor..

The best resorts in Cyprus are a great holiday destination for travelers of all ages. Young married couples, noisy youth groups, and respectable retirees will find a resort that fully meets their needs and requirements..

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  • The best resorts in Cyprus
  • The best resorts in Cyprus
  • The best resorts in Cyprus