Prices in Prague - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Prague

Prices in Prague

Prices in Prague

If we compare the Czech Republic with other European countries, then it can be considered inexpensive. Although the prices in Prague for some restaurants and hotels are very high. Overpriced prices for electronics, fashion items and cosmetics have been recorded in the Czech capital. On average, a tourist in Prague spends about 100 euros per day. If we consider the category of food, then their cost is lower than in other European countries. This is especially true for a drink such as beer. In popular tourist areas of the country, prices are usually higher than in other areas.

Prague hotels

Hotels in the Czech capital offer rooms designed for guests with any budget. There are hotels in the city that were built during the period of socialism. But today they are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. It is better to book a room in a hotel in Prague before the trip, and not after arrival. The city receives several million tourists every year. There are many hotels there, but room prices are not always favorable for guests. In recent years, several new hotels have appeared in Prague: King Charles Boutique Hotel, Augustine Hotel Prague and others. Before you start choosing a home, consider the following factors:

  • what price per room suits you;
  • for how long do you need a number;
  • what type of housing do you need.

If the financial issue does not bother you, and you have arrived for a few days, then hotels in the center of Prague are suitable for you. Floating houses, where rooms are also rented, are very unusual for tourists. For vacationers, there are also coastal hotels, the service of which corresponds to hotels with 2 * and 3 *. In the capital of the Czech Republic there are more than 20 hotels with 5 * and about 10 hotels in the historical part of the city. The best rooms are offered by luxury hotels: Hilton, Four Seasons, Augustine, Sheraton, etc. Prices for a standard room there vary between 200-500 euros.

Excursions in Prague

Sightseeing tours usually start at the corner of the Old Town Hall and Old Town Square. This is the place where guides-representatives of travel agencies gather. Among them there are also guides who work with tourists on individual routes. The starting point of the excursions is the Astronomical Clock. Walking views of Prague are popular. Guests of the city can ride along the old streets in a vintage car or horse-drawn carriage. A car tour of Prague costs from 170 euros and lasts about 4 hours. A transit tour of 3 hours costs 180 euros. For fans of extreme sports and novelties, tour operators offer a tour of the capital on a Segway (electric scooter with two wheels). The cost of such a walk is 60 euros.

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