The best resorts in the Czech Republic. The best Czech resorts for holidays

The best resorts of the Czech Republic

The best resorts of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located on a plain surrounded by mountains. And historically it so happened that it was this country that became the center of the intertwining of the roads of the most important European civilizations. Modern Czech Republic is a country of magnificent ancient castles, leisurely walks along narrow streets and many clean lakes located among the hills. The best resorts in the Czech Republic will give their guests a great opportunity to enjoy the impressive flavor of the country.

Spindleruv Mlyn

So, the most famous and very popular ski resort in the country is not quite usually called. Its well-developed infrastructure makes Spindleruv Mlyn one of the best resorts in the world offering ski holidays. This resort town is part of a nature reserve - the Krkonoše Natural Park, and the mountain landscapes are especially beautiful here..

The season starts in December and lasts until the month of April. And if the winter is not too snowy, then this is not a problem for these places. The resort has its own snow cannons.

The resort offers slopes of varying difficulty: both beginners and professionals will feel equally comfortable here. The Špindlerv Mlyn tracks start working quite early, at half past eight in the morning, and end at 9 pm. But numerous entertainment centers, restaurants and discos will not let you get bored..

Marianske Lazne

It is the youngest but nevertheless trendy Czech spa. A vacation in Mariinsky Lazne is a great opportunity to tidy up your health by taking mineral baths.

There are about 40 healing springs in total. And these are only located within the city. There are about a hundred of them in the vicinity of the city. Local places should be chosen by people suffering from kidney diseases, neurological disorders, and the musculoskeletal system. Local water also helps with metabolic problems.

Lake Lipno

The lake is the most popular holiday destination in the southern part of the country. Lipno, the largest lake in the Czech Republic, has turned into a wonderful resort area. It is located 220 kilometers from Prague, exactly in the middle of a nature reserve.

The history of the lake is quite interesting. In 1959, a dam was erected on the Vltava River, which resulted in the Lipno Lake. For more than four decades, the adjacent territory has been closed to the public. Probably, this was the reason for the preservation of such magnificent landscapes, conquering guests of these places with their pristine beauty..

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  • The best resorts of the Czech Republic
  • The best resorts of the Czech Republic
  • The best resorts of the Czech Republic