Airport in Hurghada: scheme, photo. How to get to Hurghada airport

Airport in Hurghada

Airport in Hurghada

The airport in Hurghada is located five kilometers from the resort city itself and has international status. It connects the city with major air hubs in Russia and Europe, as well as the Far and Middle East.

Transport infrastructure

Near one of the largest airports in Egypt, there is a highway leading from the city to the southwestern part of Egypt. The journey from the airport to the city takes approximately 15 minutes. The main transport linking Hurghada and the airport is taxis, as well as minibuses owned by private carriers. By taxi, you can get to anywhere in the city, as well as to the nearest resort areas, such as Makadi Bay or Sharm El Naga. However, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, the cost of the trip should be discussed in advance. As for buses, their parking is located near the terminal. It is worth noting the peculiarity of using this type of transport - there are no clear stops on the route, all stops occur on demand.

Service and service

In the passenger terminal of the airport, there are waiting rooms, both standard and increased comfort level, several ATMs and currency exchange offices, souvenir shops and minimarkets where goods needed on the road are sold. In addition, there are jewelry and perfume shops at the airport, as well as several newsstands. In the so-called «sterile» Duty Free shops are open around the clock, where you can buy tax-free souvenirs, perfumes, alcohol or tobacco as a gift. Families with children should be aware that the airport in Hurghada does not have a separate area for mother and child, but there are small playgrounds in the terminals, equipped with tables and play slides..


You can satisfy your hunger, have a good time or drink cool drinks in a cafe or restaurant located both in the zone before and after customs control. They offer traditional local and European cuisine, so everyone can find something to their liking..


The airport in Hurghada offers post office services where you can send mail, use a telephone booth or access the Internet..

Photos of Hurghada airport

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