Beaches of Hurghada: photo. The best sandy beaches of Hurghada (Egypt)

Hurghada beaches

Hurghada beaches

The demand for vacations in Hurghada is growing at the same rate as the demand for buying local real estate. This suggests that the beaches of Hurghada are as popular with locals as they are with visitors. It is quite simple to explain this: a vacation in Hurghada will not cost a fortune, and the level of service here does not differ at all from that at more popular resorts..

Interestingly, for children under 8 years old, admission to a private or public beach will be completely free. Adults, however, will have to pay a small amount to enjoy the local sun on the soft sand. It is noteworthy that all the beaches of Hurghada are gentle and sandy, and the local sand is very soft, fine and clean. Of course, there is also the merit of hardworking workers, but the natural features of the region contribute to this even more. The seabed in Hurghada is only sandy, so vacationers will not have to be afraid of corals or large stones. Despite the carefully cleared beaches, coral reefs can still be found in some places, but they only brighten the landscape.

Some of the best sandy beaches in Hurghada are:

  • «Sea Horse»;
  • «El Sawaki Camp»;
  • «Zakhabiya»;
  • «Old Vic»;
  • «Dream Beach».

Private beaches of Hurghada

Most of the beaches in Hurghada are private, although public beaches are only slightly inferior in convenience and visual appeal. Many vacationers note that the local sea remains relatively calm, even if the wind is very strong. True, this factor repels fans of extreme water sports from the beaches of Hurghada. Interestingly, the owners of most of the hotels have taken care of installing special windscreens for each of their beaches. This is done in order to protect vacationers from the constant wind that blows here all year round, and in winter it becomes even more violent..

The beach of your dreams

The most popular beach in Hurghada is «Dream Beach», whose name speaks for itself. It is perfectly groomed and therefore perfect for family vacations. Of course, you have to pay for quality, so «Dream Beach» also belongs to the category of the most expensive beaches in Hurghada. There is a separate playground for children with trampolines, slides and swings, so the little ones will have something to do. Also, children under 7 years old do not have to pay for the entrance. Descent into the water «Dream Beach» very comfortable, and the water is always of normal temperature. The sun loungers, which can be rented at any time, are quite close to each other. The atmosphere is emphasized by pleasant and not at all intrusive music..

Photos of the beaches of Hurghada

  • Hurghada beaches
  • Hurghada beaches
  • Hurghada beaches
  • Hurghada beaches