Tours to Hurghada (Egypt). Holidays in Hurghada: photos, tours

Tours to Hurghada

Tours to Hurghada

An all-Russian national resort on the shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada has been loved by travelers for several generations. For half a century, a village where oil workers lived, the city began to develop rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century. Dozens of hotels were built there, and thousands of passengers of charter and regular flights rushed to the golden beaches to the warm sea. For Russians, tours to Hurghada are an opportunity to inexpensively comfortably relax, go diving and gain strength after working days.

Briefly about the important

  • The tropical and desert climate of Hurghada provides intense heat in the summer and pleasant warmth even in the winter months. The swimming season stops at the resort only in December-February, and the most favorable seasons for visiting Hurghada are spring and autumn. The city is somewhat cooler than the second famous resort in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh.
  • When planning a tour to Hurghada, it is worth considering that the hotel fund in the resort is quite old, because it was here that Egyptian beach tourism originated. But the beaches in Hurghada are mostly sandy, which makes it more comfortable for families with children. Fans of coral reefs should better book hotels in the north of the resort. Diving training centers are open there, and the underwater world is much richer and more diverse..
  • There are no special attractions in the city itself, but during a tour to Hurghada, you can go on an excursion to Luxor or Cairo.
  • The resort has several hotels with water parks. This is where families with children most often book tours..
  • Hurghada has its own international airport, and the travel time from the capital of Russia is 4.5 hours.

Who does not smoke or drink...

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle choose tours to Hurghada at the Le Roi hotel. It opened quite recently and is famous for its non-alcoholic microclimate. It is impossible to get alcohol here even for money, but the selection of juices, tea, coffee and other healthy drinks is quite impressive. In addition to the fight against drunkenness, the hotel administration guarantees a calm rest for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. There is a separate floor and a private pool for women..
However, you can become an adherent of a healthy lifestyle in any corner of Hurghada. The resort has a developed beach entertainment industry, and for a moderate fee, tourists ride aquatica and fly over the water with a parachute, admire the coast from an inflatable "banana" or go out to sea on a yacht.


  • Tours to Hurghada
  • Tours to Hurghada