Entertainment in Hurghada - photo. Amusement parks in Hurghada.

Things to do in Hurghada

Things to do in Hurghada

Entertainment in Hurghada is safari, fishing on the high seas, diving, wind and kitesurfing, yacht trips, incendiary discos.

Amusement parks in Hurghada

  • “Makadi Water World”: here, in addition to slides and pools, there are recreation areas, exciting rides and playgrounds.
  • “Sindbad”: in this water park it is worth taking a closer look at the children's slides “Play pond” and “Tood’s Pool”, and for adults - “Boomerango” and “Aqua tube”. If you wish, here you can play darts, volleyball or ping-pong, swim in the pool with artificial waves, surrounded by palm trees and a sandy beach, do aqua aerobics, take oriental dance lessons.

What entertainment in Hurghada?

Do you like extreme sports? Be sure to take a ride on the Sinbad submarine - on it you will descend under the water to a depth of 20 meters and will be able to admire marine life and coral islands (the submarine has viewing windows).

After visiting the local Aquarium, you will be allowed to put on masks, flippers and snorkel to watch moray eels, sea turtles, colorful fish that are found in the waters of the Red Sea. You can watch them all day, so if you get hungry, you can have a snack in the cafe or restaurant located here. Tip: in order to learn a lot of interesting things from the guide, it is advisable to visit the Aquarium as part of an excursion group.

Are you craving for the exotic? You can safely be advised to go on a jeep safari - you will get acquainted with the desert, visit the Bedouin village (+ dinner), admire the sunset and beautiful scenery.

A popular evening entertainment is a visit to the Palace “1000 and 1 night”, in which guests are shown episodes from the life of the pharaohs, narrate the adventures of Sinbad, showing all this through dances and acrobatic sketches.

Do you want to dance until you drop? Take a look at discos “Papas Beach” and “Sindbad”.

Sail past the coral gardens and explore the wrecks and shark depressions at the resort by scuba diving. At your service - more than 100 dive centers, where you can rent the necessary equipment.

Entertainment for children in Hurghada

You can give your child a lot of vivid impressions by visiting the water park with him “Titanic”: there are slides (including rafting slides) and about 40 attractions. So, he can slide down the hill “Carpet plane” or ride on “Flying boat”.

You can entertain the child with a walk along the Marina embankment - here he can jump on trampolines, ride down slides, take part in comic competitions in single combat.

On vacation in Hurghada, you can enjoy a light and music show “Singing Fountains”, take a cruise on “The ship of love” (a ship on which you can sail to the adjacent islands at any time of the day), go shopping.


  • Things to do in Hurghada
  • Things to do in Hurghada
  • Things to do in Hurghada