Prices in Sharm El Sheikh - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take in Sharm el-Sheikh

Prices in Sharm El Sheikh

Prices in Sharm El Sheikh

Before leaving for Egypt, many tourists are interested in what the prices are in Sharm El Sheikh. In this article, we will look at the prices of goods and services that are popular with vacationers..

How much money to take on vacation

When preparing for your trip, exchange dollars for Egyptian pounds if you want to win on the course. Government shops in Egypt do not accept dollars. The Egyptian pound is designated in international relations as EGP. However, in Egypt, the price in pounds is denoted by LE. The bargaining chip is PT. Products in a country can be imported or local. The difference in prices for the same product from different manufacturers is very significant.
The amount of money you need depends on how many purchases you intend to make in Egypt and how many excursions to visit. Please note that souvenirs are inexpensive. As for food issues, many vacationers prefer to eat in hotels. They choose the program «all inclusive» and can use the system «Buffet». Not everyone likes the national cuisine of Egypt, so not every tourist will be able to eat in local restaurants.

Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh

Tour operators offer extensive and varied excursion programs. Egypt has many attractions to explore. Besides, there is a lot of entertainment. Usually the cost of an excursion is announced without taking into account the cost of entertainment and entrance tickets. It is best to order excursion programs from a guide working at the hotel. In this case, tourists are picked up from the hotel and brought back by bus. If you wish, you can order an excursion at any travel agency of the resort. Tourists usually choose an excursion that includes visiting Mount Moses and the Monastery of St. Catherine. An adult ticket costs $ 35, a child ticket costs $ 20. A popular excursion to the city of Nuweiba and the Colored Canyon, which costs $ 50. Smaller travel agencies offer cheaper tours.

How much do groceries cost in Sharm El Sheikh

Drinking water is in great demand among vacationers. As a rule, hotels operating on the system «all inclusive», do not provide bottled water to guests. In some hotels it is given, but too little. In addition to water, tourists often buy orange juice, cola and other drinks. The cost of a small bottle of water is LE 2. If you are interested in alcohol, you can purchase it at a specialty store. Local residents almost never drink alcoholic beverages. Supermarkets usually only sell non-alcoholic beer. It is better to buy strong alcoholic drinks immediately after arrival by visiting Duty Free. In Sharm El Sheikh, a can of beer costs about 9 LE. In Egypt, cheap fruits are sold in the market and in stores. Groceries in supermarkets are cheaper than in Russia.


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