Tours to Marsa Alam (Egypt). Rest in Marsa Alam: photos, tours

Tours to Marsa Alam

Tours to Marsa Alam

Not everyone has heard about the rapidly developing Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam, and therefore while there is an opportunity to go there and bypass the noisy tourist crowds of compatriots and other fans of the hot sun in the land of the pharaohs. Those who flew here on vacation will never forget the luxurious pristine underwater world of the Red Sea. That is why tours to Marsa Alam are so far especially popular among divers and other observers of the life of marine fauna and flora..

Emerald Past

Before becoming a fishing village, Marsa Alam was famous for its deposits of gold and precious stones. Back in the III century BC, a road was laid here from the city of Edfu, which was one of the capitals of Ancient Egypt and is famous today for the amazingly well-preserved temple of the god Horus. Emeralds and gold nuggets, semi-precious stones, lead and copper - all this was sent to the capital from Marsa Alam.
Today the main advantages of the resort are its mangroves and virtually untouched coral reefs. One of the largest and most modern diving centers in the Red Sea - good reasons to choose tours to Marsa Alam and a real guru of underwater adventure, and those who are just planning to make their first dive.

Briefly about the important

  • The opened international airport at the resort has greatly simplified the procedure for getting there for everyone. The second way is to fly to Hurghada and overcome 270 kilometers separating them by bus..
  • Even in winter, the air temperature at the resort does not drop below +18, and the sea remains as warm, which makes swimming comfortable even in January. In summer, the water warms up to +29, and the air - to +40, and therefore the optimal time to make a tour to Marsa Alam is spring or late autumn..
  • The short history of the resort has its own pros and cons that travelers can use according to their own preferences. The hotels in the city are completely new, and therefore everything in them works, sparkles, turns on and off. But the infrastructure is still far from perfect and resort canons, which means that it will not be possible to arrange a vacation with parties, noisy animation and adventures in the near future.
  • Tour participants in Marsa Alam are especially pleased with boat trips on yachts and swimming with dolphins in the open sea. Fans of the history of the ancient world make educational excursions to the temple complex of Abu Simbel and to the mysterious Luxor.


  • Tours to Marsa Alam
  • Tours to Marsa Alam