Cost of living in Estonia

Cost of living in Estonia

Cost of living in Estonia

The former Soviet republic in the understanding of many Russians was and remains abroad, a piece of another, unfamiliar life. Many people prefer to rest here because of the proximity to Russia, not a very complicated procedure for obtaining a visa, and a high level of service..

Choosing a place to live

The cost of living in Estonia depends on several factors, among the most important:

  • location - capital or small town;
  • proximity to historical monuments or landmarks;
  • hotel class.

In this country, the level of hotels is determined in accordance with international standards, here you can find inexpensive places to stay with 1 *, and luxury apartments in a 5 * hotel. In addition, there are motel accommodation options for those travelers who like to relax without leaving their car. Another popular option is cottages that are suitable for a large company..

Ancient Tallinn

Most tourists do not know Estonia well, so they prefer to start their acquaintance with the country from the capital. Tallinn really has a very long history; many cultural monuments have been preserved here..

Students can rejoice - accommodation in Tallinn is quite affordable even for this category of tourists. The cost of a place in a hostel is 10–12 euros. Such an amount is nothing compared to the baggage of impressions and knowledge that young travelers will take away from the city..

Older people who plan to sleep well after a day filled with excursions choose more respectable hotels with 3 to 5 stars on the facade. This means they will be able to provide really comfortable living conditions. It is clear that the cost of payment per night will be much higher, a 3 * hotel will charge a bill for a single room from 60 euros. The same hotel, but in a higher category, will ask for an amount of about 100 euros. The most luxurious rooms in five-star hotels will cost from 150 euros per night for one traveler.

Holidays in Parnu

The historic resort, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, is popular among Estonians themselves. Most of the guests are tourists from Russia. They offer beach relaxation and wellness in the spa.

Large hotel complexes are located on the Baltic coast, they have a developed infrastructure, swimming pools, and spa treatments. You can save on accommodation by staying in guest houses nearby. The cost for two will be about 40-50 euros per day of stay.


  • Cost of living in Estonia
  • Cost of living in Estonia
  • Cost of living in Estonia