Fiji flag: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the Fiji national flag

Fiji flag

The national flag of the Republic of the Fiji Islands was officially established in October 1970, when the country gained independence from British colonial rule. According to the constitution, the country entered the Commonwealth, whose members were sovereign states that were colonies, protectorates and dominions of Great Britain.

Description and proportions of the flag of Fiji

The Fiji flag was designed by Murray McKenzie and Rob Wilcock..
The flag of Great Britain is painted on a rectangular panel of bright blue color in the upper corner at the flagpole. On the right side of the flag, in the middle, there is a coat of arms, which is the main element of the country's emblem. The middle part of the shield is occupied by the image of the St. George Cross, dividing the field into four parts. Above the cross on a red background, a golden lion holds the fruit of the cocoa tree in its paws. Each section of the shield contains a symbol important to Fijians. Top right - sugar cane, the cultivation of which is an important part of the country's agricultural program. On the right and bottom - a bunch of bananas, which are a significant segment among all export products. A coconut tree is depicted on the left and top of the shield, and under it is a dove, symbolizing peace on the planet..
The British flag on the Fijian banner reminds of the historical connection between the two powers, and the blue field of the country's flag is the waters of the endless Pacific Ocean, in the vastness of which the islands of the archipelago are lost.
The Fiji flag can be used, according to the law of the country, on all land facilities, as a civilian and military for the land forces. Its length is relative to width in a ratio of 2: 1.

History of the flag of Fiji

The previous flag of Fiji, adopted in 1924, was a dark blue cloth, in the upper left part of which the flag of Great Britain was depicted, and the right part of it was given under the coat of arms of the country. The national flag of Fiji, adopted in 1970, remained unchanged, but its name changed along with the name of the state. It was the flag of Fiji, became the flag of the Republic of Fiji, then received the status of the flag of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji. Since July 1998, the symbol of the country is officially referred to as the flag of the Republic of the Fiji Islands..
In 2013, information emerged that the Fiji flag might change soon. The government believes that the identity of the nation would be better emphasized by a blue cloth with a white seashell depicted on it. The project has not yet been approved by the parliament.

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