Fiji airports - list of international airports in Fiji

Fiji airports

The delights of the Fiji archipelago, located in the Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia, are best told by divers and honeymooners. The beaches there are heavenly and uncrowded, and the underwater world surprises with its diversity and splendor. All this is accompanied by excellent service, because tourism is one of the most important components of the island's economy. But the Russian traveler rarely gets off the plane at the Fiji airport, which is to blame for the long journey and not too humane airfare prices. The most reasonable conditions are offered by Korean airlines, with which, without taking into account the connection in Seoul, you will have to spend at least 17 hours on the road. A transfer may require a transit visa in case of an overnight stay. Other flight options Moscow - Nadi are more expensive and longer.

Fiji International Airports

International flights to the islands of Fiji can be received by only two airports out of a couple of dozen existing ones:

  • The Nadi air harbor is considered the main one. It is separated from the city of Nadi 10 km, and from Lautoka - twice as much. The airport annually receives and dispatches almost 2.5 million passengers, despite its small size. Nadia's official website -
  • The airport, 23 km from the capital of Fiji, Suva, also has international status and international flights are scheduled. The air gate is called Nausori and offers more information on its own website on the Internet -

Metropolitan direction

Luvululu Airport, half an hour's drive from the capital city of Suva, cannot boast of a very long runway, and therefore the classes of aircraft it accept are only small and medium. Vanuatu Airlines from Port Vila regularly fly here and the aircraft of its own national carrier Fiji Airways land..
Local airlines fly everyone to Auckland in New Zealand, Sydney in Australia, Apia in Samoa, Nuku'alofa and Vava'u in Tonga and Funafuti in Tuvalu.
The plan for the reorganization of the Fiji airport in the capital provides for the construction of a new terminal and the modernization of the "take-off", but for now the air harbor has not too high capacity..

Gate to Viti Levu

The main island of the Fiji archipelago is called Viti Levu and it is here that a lot of foreign guests arrive at the main airport of the country. Transfer to the resorts is organized by the transport of travel companies that receive travelers. Almost all hotels in Fiji provide a similar service..
The international airport schedule includes Virgin Australia flights to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Solomon to Honaru in the Solomon Islands, Korean Air Airlines to Seoul in South Korea, Air Vanuatu to Port Vila Vanuatu and Air New Zealand to New Zealand Auckland.
Local airlines offer flights to surrounding countries and to the USA - Los Angeles and Honolulu in Hawaii. In May 2015, China Southern Airlines began charter flights to Nadi from Guangzhou.