Fiji prices - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take for Fiji

Fiji prices

Fiji prices are quite high, although they are lower than in New Zealand or Australia (milk costs $ 1/1 liter, eggs - $ 2/12 pcs., And lunch in an inexpensive cafe will cost you $ 10-13).

Shopping and souvenirs

You can buy unusual souvenirs and gifts in Fijian markets (bargaining is appropriate here), in shops and boutiques. For textiles (shirts, cotton sarongs), you should go to Nadi (at your service - shops Sogos, Jack’s Handicrafts). And in Suva, you can go to Tiki Togs. As for items with black pearls, they can be purchased at J. Hunter Pearls farm store, Fiji Pearls showroom (it is open on the main street in Savusavu, hotel boutiques, Nadi and Lautoka jewelry stores.

What to bring as a keepsake of a vacation in Fiji?

  • products made of black pearls or individual pearls, T-shirts, T-shirts and caps with Fiji symbols, ritual masks, animal figurines, products made of corals and shells, cuts of fabrics painted in ethnic style, souvenirs from shark teeth and jaws, pottery, coconut soap, wickerwork, cosmetics based on sandalwood oil, perfumes, rugs, tapestries, fans, decorative weapons in the form of a spear and battle clubs, “cannibal forks”, Fijian drum;
  • spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper).

In Fiji, you can buy jewelry with black pearls for $ 20-4000 (prices depend on the pearl type), coconut soap - from $ 3, cosmetics with sandalwood oil - from $ 8, spices - from $ 1.5, traditional clothes - from 20 $.

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Suva, you will see the Parliament, the Presidential Residence, the University, the Albert Park, visit the Fiji Museum, and walk along the embankment. This full-day excursion will cost you $ 60 (lunch included).

You should definitely go on a cruise on the Sigatoka River - during this trip you will first take a boat ride and see agricultural land, and then - on a special speed boat (jet boat) sail inland and stop in a local village, where you will meet the locals who will meet you with songs and dances, as well as tell you about local legends and traditions. This excursion, together with lunch, will cost you $ 100.


Public transport on the island is represented by buses and minibuses (so that the cabin is not stuffy, they are not equipped with glass). The fare is low - it is about $ 0.7-0.8. And to get by bus from Savusavu to Labasa, you will have to pay about $ 12 (travel time - 6 hours).

To move around the city, you can rent a bicycle (rental cost - $ 7-9 / day) or a car (1 day rental costs $ 55-60).

For a comfortable stay in Fiji, you will need about $ 60-70 per day per person. But if you decide to stay at a campsite or hostel and eat in cheap cafes, then your expenses will be halved..