Fiji resorts: photos, description

Fiji Resorts

The name of this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean even sounds special. Fiji ... And every seasoned traveler will certainly catch in this word the quiet rustle of palm trees in the early morning, and the measured rumble of ocean waves as an accompaniment to a magnificent sunset, and the snow-white smooth surface of sand diving into the coastal waters along with the lucky ones who find themselves at the very end of the world. In Fiji resorts, it is customary to get married and arrange ideal wedding ceremonies that remain in the memory for a lifetime, regardless of its turns and turns. And all the other local guests with no less enthusiasm just meet on the beaches every new day - one of the first on planet Earth...

For or Against?

Flying to distant islands in the South Pacific is very time consuming. A passenger who departed from the capital of Russia will need about 18 hours, excluding connections, to reach the coveted Fijian shores. It's pointless to argue with this, but the flight can be turned into a very exciting part of the journey. The most rational passengers choose Seoul as a docking place and enjoy what happened on the way to South Korea. In the Land of Morning Freshness, it is even worth stopping for a couple of days on the way there or back. This way you can get to know Korean attractions and make the flight cheaper than the option with a connection in Australia..

Paradise beaches

In the resorts of Fiji, the beaches are sandy, bordered by palm groves:

  • The most beautiful and convenient for safe swimming are the shores of Viti Levu Island. Its sandy beaches stretch for almost a hundred kilometers, and the local hotels are ready to receive guests with a variety of numbers of zeros after 1 in the bank account..
  • Divers prefer Fiji's resorts on Vanua Levu Island. The reason for this is the coral reefs, untouched by representatives of modern civilization..
  • Taveuni Island is the dream of ecotourism fans. Waterfalls, impenetrable jungle, birds of paradise without the slightest fear of man and volcanoes as a background for photo shoots - an excellent set of pleasures for those who do not live and breathe by the beach alone..
  • If you just bask in the sun in the Fiji resort of Ovalau one day you get bored, there is a chance to immerse yourself in the history of the state for a while. On this island is the colonial capital of the archipelago, the city of Levuka, where ancient buildings have been preserved, and the locals seem to have left the pages of the documentary chronicle of the Victorian era..