Season in Fiji. When is the holiday season in Fiji?

Season in Fiji

The holiday season in Fiji lasts throughout the year, but December-April is not the best time to visit the island because of the heat, intense rainfall, strong winds, floods (it is best to relax in Fiji in May-November). When planning a vacation on the island in December-February (rainy season), it is advisable to give preference to Yasawa or Mamanuca (at this time the lowest humidity is observed here).

The tourist season in Fiji

  • Summer: Fijian summer lasts from December to March (daytime temperatures range from + 30-34, and nighttime + 24-28 degrees). In summer, rains, hurricane winds, floods and landslides are very likely. At this time, you should not rest on the islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu due to the rather intense rainfall.
  • Winter: The length of the Fijian winter is May-October. At this time on the island during the day + 25-29, and at night - + 20-24 degrees. In winter, you can spend time on the beaches, actively relax and participate in excursion programs.

Beach season in Fiji

For a beach holiday on the island, it is advisable to go in June-October.

Yasawa beaches are an ideal holiday option for couples with children (blue lagoons, white sand, warm ocean, well-developed infrastructure). Young people will not be bored on these beaches, as this is where beach parties and fiery island dances are held..

If you decide to retire, go to “wild” the beach of the island of Nooki Nooki (lonely bungalows are located here). You can spend your honeymoon on the beaches of Tavarua (heart-shaped island). In addition, surfers will love it here (Tavarua is famous for its waves). And if you enjoy snorkeling and water skiing, head to the beaches of Beka Island.


The best time for diving is May-November (the water temperature is kept within +25 degrees).

The local underwater depths will delight you with a possible meeting with barracudas, turtles, spotted sharks, and butterfly fish. In addition, here you can visit interesting underwater caves. The best diving spots on Viti Levu are Coral Coast, Pacific Harbor, Vatulele shores, Beka lagoon, Yasawa coast. It is worth noting that excellent reefs await you on the islands of Kamea and Laucala, as well as in the Somosomo Strait.

On vacation in Fiji, you can admire a variety of tropical nature, pristine jungle, mountain streams and waterfalls, picturesque rocks, ancient volcanoes, stunning terrestrial and underwater wildlife, as well as do active recreation (diving, fishing, rafting, horseback riding in the mountain trails).