Helsinki-Vantaa Airport - scheme, photo. How to get to Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Helsinki airport

The opening of Helsinki Vantaa Airport took place more than fifty years ago. In particular, a couple of terminals are open here (one of them is international, and the second, respectively, is internal). The terminals are located close to each other and are connected by a walkway. This airport functions as a hub, which makes it possible to make comfortable transfers from the sector providing arrivals to the sector providing departure.
The airport itself is located in a city called Vantaa, located about twenty kilometers from Helsinki. Various service and service establishments operate here: pharmacies, car rentals, banking organizations, offices responsible for currency exchange, duty-free shops, a mother and child room, relaxation rooms, hairdressing salons, etc..
If you wish, you can easily find this airport thanks to the installed signs on each main highway. The airport can be reached using the Tuusula road (45th highway). If you are driving from the west or east, you can use the Keha III ring road (fiftieth highway). There are even special signs placed there. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you immediately see a billboard with information, which indicates the free spaces in each airport parking lot. If you need long-term parking, you can find it at parking lot P46 - it is completely open. Inside the buildings there are parking lots P3, P5, also intended for parking. Parking costs approximately thirty euros. There is a business parking not far from the international terminal, which costs about nineteen euros. Parking spaces are still located in terminals P1, P2.
Any of the terminals can be reached by a free bus - it takes about fifteen minutes. As for the buses going to the city, the cost of tickets here is six euros and they can go from an equipped stop located near the train station, as well as from the bus station (it is already located in the Kamppi mall).
This airport leaves the most pleasant impression, it is constantly being modernized and improved. Visitors to this airport are satisfied with the service provided and the organization of its work..

Photos of Helsinki-Vantaa airport