Helsinki beaches: photo, video. Best sandy beaches in Helsinki (Finland)

Beaches in Helsinki

It would seem that Finland is a northern country, what kind of beach vacation is there? Many tourists don't even think about swimming and sunbathing when they go to Helsinki. But it can be hot here too! You can visit the Baltic, more precisely the Gulf of Finland, for example, on the beach of Hietaniemi.

Hietaniemi beach

This beach has not always been here. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this territory of the city was removed from the center from the center, and therefore there was a landfill, then a dump, and then it was thought up to use it as a repository of sand that rose from the bottom of the sea and was delivered here by barges. This has been the case for many years, but the sand has never been used. And if the sand was no longer useful for anything, then the inhabitants of this area came up with the idea of ​​using the place as a sandy beach. And now it is one of the most visited beaches in Helsinki, even if it was created artificially, and indeed it happened by accident. After all, it is located close to the center of a modern city and now it is the best sandy beach in Helsinki..

Those traveling with children will be pleased to visit Hietaniemi Beach, as there is a playground for children. And for adults, cozy cafes and restaurants are ready to open their doors right on the beach..

There is a mini golf and tennis center called Taivallahti..

On a fine summer day, the temperature of the sea water can reach + 20 ° C, and those who are used to the Red Sea may find it cool to swim on the Hietaniemi beach. However, if you often swim in the rivers of the middle lane, then this beach will be just right for you..

Years in Finland are short. And this makes the days spent at Hietaniemi Beach especially valuable. Many teenagers gather here, and they arrange beach parties in large companies..

Aurinkolahti beach

This beach is often called «Finnish Arriva». But in fact, it is called Aurinkolahti, which translated into Russian means «sunny bay». This is an area of ​​truly fashionable new buildings, which are remarkably visible from the shore. The beach is located in the eastern part of Helsinki, within the city limits. And even the construction of modern residential complexes could not adversely affect the ecology of the coastal zone, which, not only has been preserved in its original form, it is also carefully protected..

So there is no need to worry about the cleanliness of this largest sandy beach in Helsinki: throughout Northern Europe, cleanliness is especially treated. The excellent infrastructure of Aurinkolahti is also pleasing. You will be surprised by the purest cool sea water, and the fine Baltic sand will seem soft like poplar fluff. In addition, everything is in place here: toilets, changing rooms and various cafes..

And this is not all the sea beaches of Helsinki, there is also the rocky beach of Uunisaari, the forest beach of Kivinokka, the beach near the Suomenlinna fortress, and the island - Pihlajasaari.

Photos of Helsinki beaches