Helsinki metro: diagram, description, photo. Helsinki metro maps

Helsinki metro: map, photo, description

Helsinki metro map
The Helsinki Metro is the northernmost metro in the world and the only one in Finland. It is a single line of 17 stations, branching off at the Itäkeskus station. One line goes to Mellunmäki station in the north, and the other to Vuosaari in the east. The total length of the tracks is 21 km, of which 4.9 km pass through tunnels in the city center. Six stations in the city center of Helsinki are located underground, and, accordingly, eleven eastern stations are on the surface.
Travel time between Mellunmäki or Vuosaari and Ruoholahti is about 20 minutes. The metro is closely connected with other forms of public transport in Helsinki - trams, a network of commuter trains, buses and two ferry lines and carries more than 50 million passengers a year.
The metro was opened to passengers on August 2, 1982 after 27 years of design and construction. Further expansion of the metro will be carried out to the western part of Helsinki and to the southern districts of the Helsinki suburb - the city of Espoo, where currently only buses run..
Train intervals on the Helsinki metro range from four to five minutes and alternate between Mellunmäki and Vuosaari. Metro trains stop at every station and station names are announced in two languages, Finnish and Swedish (except for Rautatientori - Central Station, which is also announced in English, and Kaisaniemi station, whose name is pronounced the same in Finnish and Swedish).

Helsinki metro opening hours

The Helsinki Metro operates from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm Monday through Saturday, 6:30 am to 11:30 pm on Sundays. The train frequency ranges from 8-10 minutes during normal hours, to 4-5 minutes during peak hours. In 2014, an experiment is being conducted in the metro - the opening hours on weekend nights have been increased by two hours. Helsinki metro metro trains are painted red and orange.

Helsinki metro tickets

Helsinki metro tickets are valid for all types of public transport: buses, trams and the ferry to Suomenlinna. Tickets are sold at vending machines and kiosks. A single ticket is valid for an hour after the start of the trip - by touching the ticket validator. Tourists are offered HelsinkiCard tourist cards for a day, two and three days. In addition to travel within the city and by ferry, the card allows you to visit many of Helsinki's attractions and museums.

Photos of Helsinki metro

  • Helsinki metro map