Tours to Helsinki (Finland). Holidays in Helsinki: photos, tours

Tours in Helsinki

Despite the fairly northern coordinates, in the capital of Finland, they not only play snowballs, but also practice a beach holiday on the shores of the Baltic Sea. In winter, this city is out of competition, and therefore tours to Helsinki are a favorite option for spending the long-awaited New Year holidays..

History with geography

Founded in 1550, the city of Helsinki remained a forgotten village for a couple of centuries, the inhabitants of which were persistently mowed down by the plague. Then a stone fortress was erected on the neighboring islands, and the city began to grow noticeably faster. Before the proclamation of the country's independence, its current capital has repeatedly passed from hand to hand and belonged in turn to the Swedes, then the Russians..
During a tour in Helsinki, guests get acquainted not only with the historical and architectural sights, but also with the unique natural beauties in the city limits. The rocky terrain causes a significant difference in elevation on city streets, and the local rivers form rapids and waterfalls.

Briefly about the important

  • The Finnish capital is ranked fifth among the best cities in the world, and in terms of security, it is even one of the top three. At the same time, the city is difficult to refer to as cheap in many respects, and therefore, during a tour in Helsinki, you will have to be prepared for relatively expensive hotels, products and services..
  • The temperate climate of the Finnish capital largely depends on the proximity of the Baltic. The winter here is characterized by mild frosts, but heavy snowfalls, and the summer is rather cool and not too long. The rainiest period is late summer and autumn, and therefore the best time for tours in Helsinki is late spring or Christmas holidays..
  • The international airport in the main city of Finland is called Vantaa. The easiest and cheapest way to get from it to the center is by bus to the Central Railway Station. Travel time is about 40 minutes, and the ticket price is about ten times cheaper than the cost of such a taxi ride.
  • Tours to Helsinki can also be taken on direct trains that run regularly both from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The high-speed train from the northern capital of Russia covers the distance to the Finnish capital in 3.5 hours.
  • A popular way to get to Scandinavian cities, including Helsinki, is by ferry. Regular flights from St. Petersburg and Tallinn, Stockholm and Rostock make travel varied and exciting.