Diving in Finland - places for diving, photos

Diving in Finland

Finland has always been associated with winter and frost, so diving in Finland is not a very common form of recreation. But a person who has plunged into the clear waters of Scandinavia at least once will never be able to forget this beauty and will return again to admire the underwater beauty. You won't find flocks of colorful fish and coral gardens here, but you will get the opportunity to admire the underwater caves and grottoes decorated with stalactites. Examine the bottom of flooded sand pits, as well as inspect the numerous remains of sunken ships.

Helsinki and Turku

Diving in Finland is possible both during warm and cold seasons. Divers will see completely different landscapes in the cold waters of Scandinavia than in the southern depths.

Numerous underwater caves and magnificent rocks, many rivers - sunken ships, which have preserved excellent condition. Relatively recently, one of these ships, which belonged to the warlike Vikings, was raised from the bottom and placed in the Stockholm Museum..

Finland lakes

  • Saima. Quite an interesting place. Someone thinks that this is a lake, while others call it a system of lakes. But in any case, Saimaa is the largest inland body of water in the country, which is a lake labyrinth..
  • Päijänne. Another popular dive site in Finland. Moreover, it is the deepest in the whole country. The maximum depth here reaches 95 meters.
  • Inari (Inarijärvi). Geographically, the lake is located inside the Arctic Circle and is very deep - up to 93 meters deep.
  • Oulujärvi. Exactly this «small» reservoir of the country. The average diving depth is only 7 meters, and the locals call it the sea. After all, standing on one bank, you will not be able to see the opposite.
  • All Suomi lakes have a very indented coastline, a huge number of islets and bays. Crystal clear waters, and therefore excellent visibility make them very attractive for diving.

Åland Islands

The waters of the islands are perhaps the most popular diving destination in Finland. The Baltic Sea in these places has the lowest content of sea salt, and therefore the ships that went to the bottom have been preserved in excellent condition..

Of particular interest is the three-masted barge «A plus», which sank near Mariehamn in 1933. The rivers are practically not destroyed, and therefore arouses genuine interest. Self-diving is prohibited here. You will need an accompanying instructor.

Diving in Finland is a specific kind of entertainment that requires some preparation. It is worth remembering that you can rent any diving equipment, except for fins, snorkels and masks..