Fun in Finland - amusement parks in Finland

Things to do in Finland

If you decide to choose Lapland as a holiday destination, then in your trip plan, in addition to visiting attractions, be sure to include visits to entertainment places. Entertainment in Finland will certainly delight you and your little ones.

Mummi park

Imagine an ordinary «Disneyland» only without attractions, and instead of Mickey Mouse and you will be greeted by the Mummies. This is the Finnish Muumimaailma. The park occupied an entire island located just 16 kilometers from Turku. Here live fairy-tale characters who migrated into real life from the pages of the books of the famous Finnish writer Tove Jansson. These fairy-tale characters, surprisingly reminiscent of white hippos, will take you and your child on an exciting excursion tour of their domain..

There are no attractions in the park, but there are many cozy cafes and a restaurant with the name «Mummy Mom's Kitchen». The park has a botanical garden, as well as its own post office. Therefore, you can send your friends a special postcard decorated with an exclusive mummy stamp and a fabulous postmark.

It must be remembered that the park is open only in summer..

Sea Life Marine Center

The aquariums of the marine center are filled with various inhabitants of the deep sea. Here you will see not only sharks and rays, but also jellyfish, seahorses, tropical fish and other representatives of the kingdom of Neptune. Small aquariums are filled with coral fish, and shoals of silver herring frolic in huge pools. But especially a lot of impressions remain after walking along the glass corridor, laid through the shark pool.

Visitors to the center especially like the possibility of feeding the fish. Moreover, you can pamper not only sharks, but also stingrays, octopuses and piranhas.

Korkeasaari Zoo

Korkeasaari occupies a huge territory. For the convenience of visitors, the entire zoo is divided into eight thematic sectors. For example, «Valley of the felines» became the home of lions, tigers and snow leopards, and «Amazonia» sheltered monkeys, reptiles and a huge variety of parrots. Bison, wild horses, moose and fallow deer walk through their huge paddocks, and in the wild goat paddock there is even a huge cliff, where animals can climb in almost a matter of seconds.

There is also an unusual machine gun. And if you've always wanted to know what a skunk smells like, then you just need to press a button and that's it, a complete picture will be obtained. Of course, in addition to the scent of this king of stinkers, there are also smells of other animals..