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Treatment in Finland

As an accessible foreign country, Finland regularly helps out Russian residents who want to spend a weekend in nature or buy high-quality and not too expensive products. For some time now, treatment in Finland has become another popular tourist destination, especially since the quality of medical care in this country is one of the best in Europe..

Important rules

There are several important points in the country's medical legislation that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting treatment in Finland. The concept of the patient's rights provides for the full openness of the doctor to the patient in terms of methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. By law, the doctor is obliged to inform about the diagnosis, but if the patient chooses not to know it, a certain agreement is made..

Prescriptions in cities have recently been issued only in electronic form, and Finnish medicine itself is evidence-based, that is, it uses only those methods of treatment, the effectiveness of which is beyond doubt based on the results of scientific research.

How do they help here?

For citizens of the country, treatment in Finland costs absolutely nothing. The new law, which came into force in 2012, provides for free medical care for foreigners who are in the country under an employment contract for at least six months. The rules do not apply to students, but foreign workers of the above categories now receive child support, like citizens of the country..

Medical fields and achievements

Russian patients most often go to clinics in Finland, working in the following areas of medicine:

  • Oncology. Cancer mortality in this country has been steadily declining every year, and scientific research is one of the most advanced in the world..
  • Cardiology. Doctors of the country of Suomi have achieved particular success in the field of coronary bypass surgery and angioplasty.
  • Orthopedics. Joint replacement surgeries are one of the most common in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Neurology. An actively studied area of ​​medicine, which is of interest to the most advanced doctors in the country. Highly qualified neurosurgeons provide operations on nerves, brain and spinal cord and guarantee a high percentage of cure even for chronic and chronic ailments.

Issue price

The cost of treatment in Finland can be discussed in detail even before the start of the process, and therefore the patient receives a guarantee that the indicated price for diagnostic manipulations and medical procedures, named at the conclusion of the contract, will not be changed under any circumstances.