Prices in Finland - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Finland

Prices in Finland

Prices in Finland are quite high: they are higher than the average in Europe, but lower than in Norway and Sweden..

Shopping and souvenirs

It is worth coming to Finland as part of a shopping tour to purchase high-quality shoes, clothing, interior items, detergents, gastronomic (fish, caviar, tea, olive oil) and other goods. Don't miss the moment - go on a shopping tour in Lappeenranta: you will visit a supermarket “Lapland”, in “fish” store, giant malls (“Lidl”, “Rajamarket”, “Prizma”).

It is advisable to bring from Finland:

  • souvenirs with the image of Moomin trolls, a Finnish knife, traditional clothes, a Finnish blanket, sauna accessories (brooms, mittens, slippers, tunics), products made of deer antlers, paintings depicting the northern lights;
  • mint liqueur, berry liqueur, cloudberry jam, jerky deer meat, cold and hot smoked salmon, licorice candies.

In Finland, you can buy moose figurines from 3 euros, a Lapland hat with embroidery - from 30 euros, a Finnish knife - 30-70 euros, licorice sweets “Salmiakki” - from 2 euros, homespun traditional carpets “Ryuu” - from 350 euros, mint liqueur “Mint” - from 10 euros.

Excursions and entertainment

You should definitely visit the island of Sveaborg - here you can breathe in the ecologically clean air, visit the Suomenlinna fortress and get acquainted with the cultural and historical complex, consisting of museums and many picturesque old fortifications. The approximate cost of the excursion is $ 7.

Families with children should go to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Here, regardless of the time of year, you can see Santa Claus, gnome hard workers at work, study at an elf school, as well as buy Christmas gifts in numerous souvenir shops and take part in a variety of themed shows. This 6-hour tour costs approximately $ 40.

You can have fun from the heart in the water park “Serena” (it is located in North Espoo). At your service - indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, waterfalls, grottoes and trampolines, children's playgrounds, a sauna, a fitness center. Approximate cost of entertainment - $ 26.


Traveling by public transport in Finland is quite expensive: for a bus ticket in Helsinki you will pay about 2-4 euros. As a rule, purchased tickets are valid for an hour, but it is better to get a ticket that is valid for 24 hours after purchase (it costs about 6.5 euros). And for a taxi ride, you will pay 1.5-2 euros for each kilometer of the way (the minimum fee is 5.5 euros).

Daily spending on vacation in Finland will be about 100-120 euros per person (accommodation in mid-range hotels, meals in good cafes). But a budget vacation can cost you 30-50 euros per day for 1 person (accommodation in a camping or hostel, meals in cheap cafes).