Airports in Finland - list of international airports in Finland

Airports in Finland

Many residents of St. Petersburg fly to Finland more often than to Moscow. Indeed, the travel time on a direct flight from the northern capital to the Finnish airport in Helsinki is only an hour. From Moscow, the flight will take just over an hour and a half, and therefore a trip to visit our northern neighbors is a good scenario for spending a weekend or a short vacation..

Finland international airports

All airports in Finland boast convenient infrastructure and modern equipment. More than half of the two dozen air harbors existing in the country have international status:

  • Turku air port is located 8 km from the city center. The planes of Latvia's Baltic neighbor from Riga and Wizz Air from Gdansk, Poland, fly here regularly. Scandinavian Airlines carry passengers from Stockholm to Sweden, while Norwegian Air Shuttle is responsible for seasonal flights from Alicante, Spain. Official information is on the website -
  • The main air port of Santa Claus is Rovaniemi in Lapland. Its "take-off" intersects in the northern part with the Arctic Circle, and the village of the main Santa Claus of Europe is located just 3 km from the airfield. Finns and Norwegians from Helsinki regularly fly here, but on Christmas holidays dozens of charters from Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, France and many more countries in Europe and the Middle East strive to this airport in Finland. You can find out how to get to visit Santa on the website -
  • Kuusamo Airport in the north-east of the country becomes especially popular during the winter season. The city where the airport is located is one of the most popular ski resorts, and since November Finnair and Scandinavian Airlines fly here, carrying everyone who wants to conquer the Kuusamo slopes by snowboard or downhill skiing..

Metropolitan direction

The airport in Helsinki allows 16 million passengers to be in the capital of Finland or fly from it to one of the cities of the world every year. Located in the south of the country, this air harbor is home to the famous airline Finnair, which operates dozens of daily flights to European and world cities..

Transfer and infrastructure

The terminal building of Helsinki Airport is divided into two conventional terminals. They are interconnected by an internal pedestrian zone.
The easiest way to transfer from the capital airport in Finland is by trains, which every 10 minutes during peak hours start from the railway station right in the terminal. Trains with the letter P go to the central station through Tikkurila, and those with the letter I go there, but through Vantaankosi.
Near the airport there is a metro station, which can take you to the center of the Finnish capital in half an hour. Buses line 615 go to the central railway station.
All the details about the schedule and services provided are easy to find on the airport website -