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Car rental in Finland

Traveling by car is pleasant because you do not have to be tied to specific excursions and routes in Finland. That is, you belong only to yourself. You can always pull over to the side of the road and stop. If you suddenly liked the view from the window, then go out and take a walk, admiring the wonderful landscapes of the northern country. If you are a resident of border regions, you can go on a trip by your own car, but if you have to get to Finland for a long time, then it is better to do it by train or plane, and rent a car on the spot. Then you can not get hung up only on sightseeing in Helsinki and its environs, but take some more time for a beach holiday in the Baltic. And your tour can be more versatile.

Even if you do not drive yourself, you can use a car rental service with a driver. You can rent a car yourself. Moreover, this can be done directly at the car rental, or you can order the delivery of the car at a convenient time for you to the train station, airport or hotel where you are going to stay. Similarly, you can return the car to the park. Often such companies are international, which means that you can drive a rented car not only in Finland itself, but also visit the EU countries. However, all these nuances need to be clarified on the spot - in the company where you are going to rent a car..

You will have to conclude a regular car rental agreement, which prescribes the services for which it includes: free mileage, insurance against road accidents and theft, tax, civil liability insurance. Any agreements with the landlord are negotiated at the time of booking and must be specified in the contract.

Requirements for drivers

There are certain requirements for the driver's age: he must be at least 19-25 years old (depending not only on the rental company, but also on the class of the car), while driving experience is at least a year (for more «cool» auto - sometimes 2-3 years). From the documents, car rental in Finland will require a license (international or domestic), a bank card, which can be accepted by the company you applied to. There are options with cash, but many companies work exclusively with credit cards. You may also be obliged to leave something as a deposit or pay extra for additional insurance..

Naturally, when you set off, you should have a document with you that certifies the fact of the lease and that you own a credit card. You also need to carry your passport with you..

In Finland, you will receive a rental car with a full tank of fuel, which means that you will have to return the car in the same condition. Otherwise, the company may bill you for gasoline or diesel fuel, but already at their tariffs, which may be more expensive than at a gas station.