Resorts in Finland: photos, description

Resorts of Finland

If the catch phrase "country of contrasts" is applicable to which state, it is Finland. Take at least a favorite combination of pleasures on vacation from the locals - a hot sauna after skiing, followed by swimming in an ice hole or a snowdrift. And how does the well-known Finnish slowness combine with their national sport - alpine skiing? Or maybe these are just legends about slowness, but in fact the Finns love speed? There is only one way to dot the "i" s for yourself - buy a tour to the resorts of Finland and see with your own eyes what is happening in the "land of contrasts"!

Always in the TOP

The Finns constantly argue with the Swedes and Norwegians, which of them was the first to embark on alpine skiing. This is not a matter of principle for a Russian tourist, especially since the ski resorts of Finland are an example of ideal slopes and well-functioning work of any object:

  • In Tahko, you can start catching adrenaline in October, and the local season lasts until mid-May. In summer, the resort is popular for seaplane cruises and canoe trips, and in winter, in addition to traditional skiing exercises, extreme driving courses are popular here..
  • Fans of active life off the slopes prefer to ride in Mikkeli. Ballet and classical music festivals are held here regularly, and the expositions of the museums of the Mikkeli district will delight curious travelers.
  • Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi and that says it all! Skiing in this Norway resort is just one of the reasons to hit the road during Christmas break.

Caught a fish...

In this Finnish resort, unusual things begin already at the pier from which ferry passengers from Turku or Helsinki disembark. The Aland Islands is a Finnish province, the official language of which is ... Swedish. For the average Russian tourist, this does not play a special role due to the lack of knowledge of the Scandinavian languages ​​in principle. He is only interested in fishing, for which all conditions have been created in this resort in Finland..
Having bought a fishing permit and booked a cottage, guests of the Aland Islands rush to the seashore and enjoy the cool. And it always bites here and, depending on the season, you can become the owner of "vooot such a pike", decent-sized salmon, good pike perch or fatty salmon. Fishing rules are important and must be observed, and the owner of the land on which the cottage stands will have to clarify their basic requirements.