Sales in Finland. When do sales start in Finland?

Sales in Finland

Finnish goods are expensive, but they are of high quality. Therefore, they have many fans all over the world. Shoppers can find a real paradise in Helsinki. This city has a huge number of boutiques and shops..

When is the discount season

The main sales in Finland take place after Christmas. The Christmas sale takes place in winter. Its beginning falls on December 20. There is also a large-scale sale in the summer, after June 20.

The most popular products: clothing, accessories, footwear, home decorations, textiles, designer items for decor, tableware, souvenirs, etc. The free Shopping Guide almanac will help you find your way in retail outlets. large shopping center. This collection contains up-to-date information about famous shops and restaurants. The most popular Finnish brands include Luhta, Marimekko, Nokia, Nuutajärvi, Arabia, Finlandia, etc. Shopping centers announcing sales display signs with inscriptions «Sale», «Alennus» or «Ale».

Sales in Finland are an opportunity to purchase quality goods at low prices. Discounts range from 30 to 70%. Some stores offer two items for the price of one, or three for the price of two. Starting December 27, discounts are striking in their size. The cost of many products drops very significantly by the end of the sale. Discounts are valid for clothes, shoes, household appliances, cars, etc..

The discount season can last for about two months. At this time, Finnish shops are full of customers from all over the world. Russian shopping fans actively visit the border towns. Products with big discounts are sold instantly.

Which stores hold sales

There are outlets in the country - shops where sales of goods from large manufacturers are constantly held. After Christmas, sales are held in all stores in the country. Some outlets run their own sales regardless of the season. These include the famous Stockmann department store, which offers big discounts in October and April. Interesting promotions in autumn and spring are organized by the Sokos department store chain.

Luxury boutiques also hold sales in Finland. They sell goods from well-known world manufacturers, focusing on wealthy buyers. Very rarely, good discounts are made on fashionable clothes. Newest electronics models also have minor discounts.

In Finland, you can also shop at flea markets. They offer goods that have already been in use. The analogue of second-hand in the country is a thrift store, where you can also find good things..