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Education in Finland

It is considered prestigious to have a Finnish diploma, since specialists who were educated in Finland are highly valued in both European and American labor markets. Benefits of studying in Finland:

  • Free high-quality education (all universities are state-owned and strictly controlled by the state);
  • Students who study well are eligible for a scholarship;
  • Students are provided with various benefits (affordable prices for student meals, discounts on travel around Finland on trains and buses, discounts in cafes and restaurants);
  • Finnish university diplomas are recognized all over the world.

Features of obtaining higher education in Finland

Despite the fact that education in Finnish universities is conducted in Finnish or English, some of them have developed programs aimed at Russian-speaking students (some classes are conducted in Russian). This training program is offered by the Finnish University of Applied Sciences Mikkeli.

The main difference between studying in Finland is that students do not cram just one dry text - they master specific professional actions (students fill out forms of documents, draw up business plans).

To get a higher education degree in Finland, you need to graduate from a university or a polytechnic institute. To enter a Finnish university, you must:

  • Submit a certificate of secondary education;
  • Pass the international exam in English IELTS or TOEFL, and provide a certificate with the results;
  • Pass entrance exams.

And for admission to the Polytechnic Institute, among other things, you will have to get a bachelor's degree and 3 years of practical work.

Important: admission of applications to universities begins in February-March, and entrance examinations - in March-April.

Since education in Finnish universities is free, the competition for places is huge. In order to have more chances for admission, it is better to send an application not to one, but to several educational institutions or to several specialties..

Work while studying

On a student visa, students have the right to find work and work up to 20 hours a week. As for the holidays, there are no restrictions on students for this period..

In Finland, you can work anywhere and with anyone, but this is not America: here work does not lie on every corner. In addition, in most cases, knowledge of the spoken Finnish language is required to get a job..

Having received an education in Finland, you will not only receive an international diploma in your hands, but you will also be able to stay in the country and find a job..

Photos of educational institutions in Finland