Finland trains. Train tickets to Finland

Finland trains

Traveling by rail in Finland is very convenient. Rail transport meets the expectations of passengers as much as possible. Finland's trains are perfectly suited for a wide variety of clients, from couples with children to businessmen. Travel information can be found on the country's railways website Train timetables in Finland are also published in Russian.

Features of the Finnish railway

Almost the entire country is covered by a dense rail network. Only the remote towns of Lapland are difficult to reach by train. By train you can reach cities such as Kemi, Kolari, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi. Passenger trains in Finland are divided into the following types: suburban, high-speed, express and night trains. Electric trains move around the metropolitan area. Express trains move between cities. Railways are run by the state-owned company VR.

Pendolino is considered to be the fastest train in Finland. Its speed reaches 220 km / h. This train travels between major cities in the country, making few stops. Pendolino cars are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, sockets, changing tables. They have seats for passengers carrying pets, as well as special seats for allergy sufferers. The Pendolino train has a Prego restaurant.

For business class passengers, trains with a high level of comfort - InterCity - are designed. They have a dining car, internet, sockets, air conditioners, etc. Clients are provided with ski and bike space, separate compartments for telephone conversations and for work..

In southern Finland, blue trains travel, which are designed for long journeys. These are traditional fast trains equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip..

In Finland there are night trains with special carriages. They reach the northern part of the country in 8 hours. The passenger can load his car into a carriage and then continue the journey by car. Night trains have seating, traditional sleeper cars and double-decker sleeper cars with a wide range of services.

Where to buy a ticket

Tickets from the railroad company VR can be bought at the box office, online, at, by phone or from an agent. Booked tickets are paid at the station using bank cards. Train ticket prices in Finland are kept at an affordable level. If you buy them in advance, you can save money. You can also buy a ticket on the train, except for Pendolino flights and night trains. The European InterRall pass is valid for trains operating within Finland.