Holidays in Finland are traditions. Finland national holidays

Holidays in Finland

Holidays in Finland are a great opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about Finns, their customs and traditions..

Holidays and festivals in Finland

  • New Years: on the night of January 1, Finns spend noisy in restaurants or cafes in the company of friends. Many go to Helsinki's Central Square to listen to the Mayor's congratulatory speech. To find out if the coming year will be successful, the Finns are guessing on molten tin, throwing molten tin coins into the water (the outlines of the resulting figures will tell about the future).
  • Herring Festival: for 6 days, a fish fair is held in Helsinki, where salted, smoked, slightly salted, herring with mustard, various sauces and in marinade are presented - you can buy fish not only from fishermen and vendors in tents installed on the Market Square, but also straight from the boats. At the festival, guests are offered to taste traditional soups and fish pies, as well as attend a culinary competition “Surprise dish”, the prize which is awarded to the most original chef.
  • Theater Festival in Tampere (August): guests of the festival will be able to see performances of street theaters, performances of music and dance groups, attend seminars, exhibitions, master classes.
  • “Johannes” (June): On Midsummer Day, you can have fun enjoying the performances of folk groups, as well as see how the Finnish flag is raised and cocci (a structure made of dry birch branches) are burned. On this day, you can follow the example of the locals and go to nature to light a fire, fry and eat sausages.

Event tourism in Finland

For fans of event tours, tour operators organize trips dedicated to various festivals - International Film Festival, Festival “Forces of light” (attendees will see a light and music performance), Sea Festival, Rock Festival “Rockoff”, as well as a children's snow show “Lasten Lumitapakhtuma”, snowmobile racing, pike fishing championship.

So, be sure to visit the music festival in Helsinki - Flow Festival. For several days, large-scale stages are set up in the city center, exhibitions and installations accompanied by music are held. The organizers of the festival care not only about leisure, but also about the food of the guests - in cafes and restaurants tourists are treated to dishes made from organic products..

You can plan your trip to Finland for the celebration of the Maritime Festival in Kotka. Various events are held within the framework of the festival, so you will be able to visit the mini-jazz festival, spectacular sea races, sea songs competition, all kinds of concerts, as well as the sea market, where you will be offered to taste seafood dishes. And for children at this time, the Children's Marine Festival is held - they will be able to dance some kind of dance on the stage, sing a song or read a poem, as well as take part in competitions and games, look at fabulous performances organized on the street.

To spend a vacation in Finland means to go on exciting excursions, admire nature and take part in the celebration of various events.