Where is the best place for a child to get up on skis for the first time?

Where is the best place for a child to get up for the first time on skis?

November is already in the yard and we are faced with an urgent question about winter sports for our children. Skates, skis, sleds are indispensable attributes of snow fun. If with cross-country skiing, sledges and skates everything is much easier, because in almost every yard there are slides and skating rinks, and you can practice cross-country skiing in a local park, then with mountainous things the situation is more complicated. In the Moscow region, several tracks have opened where you can ride, but the children will not be very comfortable there, since there are too many people, and there are problems with training. Therefore, the best decision is to go somewhere to a ski resort with the whole family and try to put the child on skis there, so that from the very beginning professionals in their field can teach everything correctly. A reasonable question arises. Where to go? To make it comfortable, interesting, beautiful and snowy, there were Russian-speaking instructors, and nature carried away with its pristine nature. It's time for the whole family to go to Finland. No wonder they say about the Scandinavians: «were born with skis on their feet». Only they know how to properly teach your child the necessary basics of skiing..
2 hours of direct flight - and you are at Kittila airport, a 10-minute drive from which is a mecca for beginner skiers. Here, in the center of Finnish Lapland, is the main ski resort of Levi. Dozens of trails for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboards and snowmobiles. Thousands of fans of active winter recreation flock here to spend unforgettable holidays in a real fairy tale. Fluffy Christmas trees covered with snow, like in New Year's pictures, snowdrifts up to the waist and houses decorated with colorful lights - all this gives an additional entourage in order to try yourself on mountain skiing for the first time. 
Accommodating in a cozy cottage, alpine-style apartment or a modern hotel, depending on your desire, everyone rushes to Zero Point - this is the name of the main Levi square. There is a rental point where you can rent skis, snowboards, as well as a sports shop offering complete skiing equipment from famous world brands. By the way, those who wish can ride special mountain bikes with wide winter tires. To avoid queues at the rental point, you can order the necessary equipment from Moscow before your trip here. Having picked up the ammunition according to the size, there are sizes even for kids, we immediately find instructors. By the way, an important factor is Russian-speaking instructors with international certificates. They gather groups and conduct classes with children at a certain time. For lessons with beginners, there are specialized fenced slopes with comfortable ascents. Several people are engaged in children, observing their every movement in order to immediately correct the errors that arise. All classes are held as an exciting game. Literally after a few hours of classes, your child can calmly go down the small slopes on his own, and next year he can ride down the amateur mountains with you. This is an important indicator when choosing a place for your first classes..
It should be noted separately that Lapland is not only a ski paradise, but also an opportunity to visit a real Santa in his village, where hospitable gnomes will meet you. Special excursions are organized to the residence, which is located just 5 km from the town of Rovaniemi, so that both children and adults can come, sit on the lap of the main grandfather, whisper in his ear his cherished wish, which, for sure, will come true thanks to his magical forces. Here you will meet Santa's main assistant, the reindeer Rudolph, and those who wish can ride a sled. As a souvenir, all visitors receive a Certificate of Crossing the Arctic Circle. Hundreds of children happily walk around the magical residence, ride the ice slides, and their parents buy souvenirs in the shops. Well, then go to Santa Park, it is just 5 minutes from the residence, where children and adults will have a lot of impressions while riding the rides!
The introduction of a child to skiing from an early age is of great importance. As psychologists say, it is important that sports in the family play a key role, developing not only physically, but also spiritually. Children in an exciting game in the resorts of Finland will be able to fully understand why alpine skiing is so beautiful and, of course, they will certainly enjoy the nature and culture of this northern country. By the way, this year the travel company Jazz Tour offers to organize a trip to Finland on unprecedented conditions..