Finland's national drink. Alcohol in Finland: prices, export, alcohol export rate

Finnish drinks

Russia's northern neighbor, Finland, is one of the most visited European countries by our compatriots. People come here for high-quality down jackets and knitwear, and St. Petersburg residents even practice one-day tours in order to collect mushrooms in ecologically clean Finnish forests. The Finns respond with shock weekends in the Russian northern capital, during which they taste a lot of ... Finnish drinks sold abroad are much cheaper.

Alcohol in Finland

For many years the Finnish state has been fighting against a peculiar addiction of its citizens to alcohol by raising the prices and excise taxes on Finnish alcohol. That is why buying vodka or beer in the country of Suomi is economically unprofitable. The order of prices starts from 10 euros for a bottle of the simplest strong alcohol, and customs rules strictly regulate the amount of alcohol imported for one's own consumption: no more than a liter of strong drinks and no more than two - wine and low-alcohol products.

Finland's national drink

One of the most famous brands of the northern Russian neighbor is vodka of the same name. Finland's national drink owes its birth to a small distillery in the Koskenkorva region, which opened in 1888. It was then that the first batch of vodka «Finland», related today to premium drinks, was presented to the consumer's judgment.
In the middle of the twentieth century, the brand received its unique design, thanks to which a bottle of Finnish vodka with three deer on the label, like a bottle of Finnish vodka carved from a piece of pure ice, became recognizable all over the world. Today, it is still produced only at the plant in Koskenkorva, but the varieties of the national drink have clearly increased since the end of the 19th century:

  • «Finland» with the taste of red cranberry decorates the table and is eagerly drunk by the ladies.
  • Adding lime makes vodka spicy and flavorful.
  • Vodka with the addition of black currant is one of the most popular types among Russian consumers..
  • Grapefruit «Finland» allows you to enjoy a pleasant aftertaste.

Alcoholic drinks in Finland

It is typical for Finns to use berries in the preparation of drinks, which are rich in these places. Alcoholic drinks in Finland based on lingonberry and cloudberry, cranberry and cumanberry are widespread. Liqueurs here insist on herbs, which is why they acquire not only a unique taste, but also a healing effect..