Airport in Grenoble: scheme, photo. How to get to Grenoble airport

Airport in Grenoble

Airport in Grenoble

The French airport, one of the main travel destinations in the Alps, serves the city of Grenoble. The airport is located about 40 kilometers northwest of the city.
It has three passenger terminals, as well as two runways, which are 950 and 3050 meters long. About 350 thousand passengers are served here annually.


The airport in Grenoble was opened in 1967, ahead of the 1968 Olympic Games. During its rather long history, the airport has managed to win the status of the second airport in the Rhône-Alpes region, second only to Lyon airport. At the same time, two airports are at a distance of 80 kilometers, therefore, in case of bad weather conditions at one airport, the plane can always land at the next one. Lyon and Grenoble airports work closely together in this regard..


The airport in Grenoble offers tourists all the services they need. There are cafes and restaurants on the territory of the terminals, always ready to feed their visitors with delicious and fresh food of local and foreign cuisine..
In addition, there are various shops at the airport where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, food, drinks, etc..
If necessary, the guests of the airport can always contact the first-aid post, which works right on the territory of the terminal..
From the standard services offered by the airport in Grenoble, one can single out ATMs, bank branches, post office, Internet, luggage storage, etc..
For business class travelers, there is a separate waiting room with an increased level of comfort.
In addition, the airport has its own parking.

How to get there

The airport in Grenoble is connected to the nearest ski resorts in the cities by bus. Buses regularly depart from the terminal building, which will take passengers to the desired destination for a reasonable fee..
In addition, tourists can always take a taxi, but you need to understand that this service is much more expensive than public transport.

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