The beaches of Marseille: photo, video. Best sandy beaches in Marseille (France)

Marseille beaches

Marseille beaches

France annually welcomes tens of thousands of tourists on its territory, and not all of them stay in Paris for a long time. Many people prefer to relax on the local coast and consider these beaches to be the best among European.

If you look at the coast of Marseille on the map, you will notice that it is a small crescent moon. This crescent contains many beautiful bays, bays and well-equipped beaches that delight even the most demanding holidaymakers from all over Europe..
On the southern coast, there are convenient small grottoes and bays with convenient access to water:

  1. Sormiou
  2. Sugiton
  3. Port pin
  4. l’anse des Phocéens
  5. Morgiou
  6. En-Vau
  7. Sablettes and many others.

For those who prefer tranquil coves to crowded beaches, it is important to remember that traveling with your own car in these areas may be a little difficult due to specific French laws. During the swimming season, the passage of vehicles on the territory of small bays is prohibited, so you will have to walk to the beach on foot or go there by local buses. The beaches of Marseille are located along the coast in such a way that the very path to them turns out to be a fascinating journey with the opportunity to admire the beauties of local nature.

Prado Park - Local Attraction

The Prado Park was founded in 1975, and since then its territory has turned into a truly fabulous place. Interestingly, the park is open to the public at any time of the year and accommodates about 3.5 million visitors. Fans of outdoor activities will find something to do here: an abundance of skateboarding tracks, opportunities for surfing and windsurfing, as well as individual activities in the play area will not let anyone get bored.. 

Marseille: vacation for the whole family

Of course, the best sandy beaches of Marseille are equipped with medical centers, playgrounds, showers and changing rooms. Many services are provided to vacationers absolutely free of charge, subject to advance payment of entrance to the beach. In the summer, stadiums open on some beaches, hosting major sporting events at both national and international levels..
If in principle you are resting only on beaches with white soft sand, then your best bet is to consider a holiday on Prophète and Catalans. These are two adjacent south coast beaches located near Prado Park. Here you will have the opportunity to order spa treatments, play volleyball or just relax in a sun lounger in the shade of a huge beach umbrella.
The municipal beaches of Corbière are located in the northern part of the coast. Here you will have the opportunity to try the delights of a more active holiday, cool off in the bar or take a stroll in the local gardens with exotic plants..

Photos of the beaches of Marseille

  • Marseille beaches
  • Marseille beaches
  • Marseille beaches