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Orly airport in Paris

Orly airport in Paris

Its airfield and passenger terminal first opened in 1932. In French, its name today looks like L'aéroport de Paris-Orly, but then it was simply called Paris Airport. Orly is located 14 kilometers from the city on the territory of the commune of the same name and occupies a little more than 15 square kilometers. The history of the first air gates of the capital of France is full of different events - heroic and tragic. Orly Airport Paris was forced to surrender to the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, and only in 1946 it resumed its work on the transportation of air passengers.

Second Life

Just three years after the restoration of the previous mode of operation, Orly's passenger traffic exceeded 200 thousand people. Over the next decades, new terminals were built on the territory of the airport and a modern flight control center was opened..
Interesting Orly Facts:

  • In 1996, it was decided not to expand the territory anymore, and since then, flights, mainly of local importance, have been operated from it. However, the planes of some airlines fly from Orly Paris airport and on international routes, for example, to Europe, the Middle East and even Africa.
  • Flights from half past eleven at night until six in the morning are prohibited here so that residents of the surrounding communes do not experience problems due to the noise of aircraft engines. For this reason, Orly's passenger traffic should not exceed 30 million people annually..
  • The airport has three runways.
  • Orly Airport in Paris is one of the largest in area in Europe. It is used by three dozen airlines, and in terms of the degree of workload, it occupies 13th place in the Old World among its own kind..
  • Free shuttle service connects the two terminals and airport car parks with each other.

Useful little things

You can get to Paris Orly Airport from the capital by the A6 motorway or by buses from the metro. From the Villejuif-Louis Aragon station, route 183 and the high-speed express follow, and from the Porte de Choisy station, bus number 285. The fare even on the express is less than 10 euros (in 2015 prices).
Rapid public transport, referred to here as RER, is an interconnected commuter rail system that will also connect you to Orly Airport in Paris..


  • Orly airport in Paris
  • Orly airport in Paris