Capital of France: map, photo. What is the capital city in France?

Paris - the capital of France

Paris - the capital of France

Beautiful Paris, the capital of France, requires not a short story, but a multivolume encyclopedia. But even such a publication may not be enough to describe city beauties, monuments, historical and cultural attractions..

Moreover, everyone discovers his own Paris for himself, someone falls in love with it immediately and unconditionally, and someone leaves in frustrated feelings, since the city never opened up to the guest.

Not only the Louvre

It is clear that the Louvre and its richest collections are leading in the list of museums in Paris. And it is here that every guest of the French capital strives to get. Meanwhile, the canvases of the great impressionists are kept in other museum institutions of the city, as well as unique exhibits from the life of the city, country, as well as artifacts from all over the world..

The expositions of Parisian museums are no less interesting than in the famous Louvre, but in them you can freely approach the paintings in order to examine small details and get to know more closely the creative manner of one or another great artist.

Walking in Paris

This is one of the most favorite activities of travelers, since in the capital of France, historical sights and architectural masterpieces are found literally at every step. Even a fifth grade student can make a list of important places worth visiting:

  • the unique tower of the architect Eiffel;
  • the famous Champs Elysees;
  • the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, sung by Hugo;
  • Les Invalides, the resting place of the great leaders of France;
  • the brilliant Versailles, located in the vicinity of Paris.

An adult traveler will add a few more places to this list that cannot be accessed by children. For example, visiting the famous cabaret «Moulin rouge». Places with the same name appear in different countries of the world, but the French cabaret has its own unique aura and spirit.

You can also walk around the Latin Quarter, wondering how quickly European Paris turns into the center of the Universe, where residents of different nationalities feel comfortable..

Children's Paris

It is clear that most often adult tourists come to Paris to get acquainted with the city, its historical and cultural monuments, familiar only by descriptions and names..

Children also have their own Paris, it is associated with «Disneyland», the famous amusement park, which is located fifty kilometers from the capital of France. The French counterpart is not much inferior to the American park for children and adults. No less interesting for young tourists can be a boat trip along the Seine or the ascent to the Eiffel Tower, from which the whole city is visible at a glance.


  • Paris - the capital of France
  • Paris - the capital of France
  • Paris - the capital of France