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Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris - a holiday called Noel has a special aura.

Features of celebrating Christmas in Paris

On the night of December 25, many French people flock to churches for the festive Mass and at the same time look at the scenes depicting the Nativity of Christ in the Bethlehem manger. At Christmas, the French treat themselves to foie gras, truffles, poultry (roast goose or turkey), oysters, cheeses, black caviar, frog legs, Christmas log cake (BuchedeNoel).

If you decide to enjoy French dishes in Parisian restaurants, then on Christmas they will delight you with exquisite dishes in the form of a consommé with black truffles and ifua gras goose liver (addition - raspberry sauce), but it is recommended to book tables at least a month in advance of the intended visit. It should be noted that in many restaurants guests are presented with a gift “christmas baskets”: they contain a festive set of products (for example, there may be several types of cheese and a bottle of good wine).

Entertainment and celebrations in Paris

Going to ice skate? This can be done on the skating rinks on the Montparnasse boulevard and the Hotel de Ville square. Be sure to head to Place de la Concorde for a ride on the 65-meter Ferris Wheel and admire the brightly illuminated Champs Elysees. If you get the chance, don't miss the chance to attend Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral.

You can also spend Christmas holidays in Disneyland: visitors here are delighted with New Year's fairs, theatrical shows, New Year's attractions, and a parade with the participation of cartoon characters. And with 3-17-year-old children, you should go to the Charlety stadium: on December 19-31 they will be able to play various games, go skiing and sledding, and go horseback riding..

Christmas markets in Paris

Christmas markets and markets are popular in Paris, namely:

  • Christmas village of Montparnasse (operates from 5 to 30 December): here charities sell their products (postcards, crafts, toys, paintings, other souvenirs).
  • Christmas market next to the Saint-Sulpice church (starts functioning from the first days of December until the 24th).
  • Christmas market next to the Eiffel Tower (open from December to early January): Here you can buy Christmas goods at any of the 160 special stalls.
  • French Santa Claus Village (Latin Quarter, December 2 - January 2): One of the 25 houses offers shopping opportunities and a variety of delicacies.

You shouldn't count on sales and discounts on Christmas holidays in Parisian stores - they cover the capital of France at the end of January.


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