Entertainment in Paris - photo. Amusement parks in Paris.

Things to do in Paris

Things to do in Paris

Numerous entertainments in Paris will not allow neither small nor adult guests to get bored in the capital of France.

Amusement parks near Paris

  • “Disneyland”: since it is divided into several zones, you can spend time in Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, Disneyland Park, visit the cinema, play golf on equipped courses, take pictures with the characters of your favorite cartoons.
  • “Asterix”: in this amusement park you can meet Asterix and Obelix, visit Julius Caesar, visit a Gallic village, taste national French products, ride on steep slides and water attractions.

What entertainment in Paris?

You can give yourself an unforgettable experience by visiting the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge”: you will see an erotic performance including a music, acrobatic and dance show.

A park must be on your list of must-see spots “France in miniature” - here you will see about 160 models of famous French landmarks. It is worth noting that the entire territory of the park is a kind of map of France with miniature objects located where the originals are, and the role of the seas here is played by pools, and rivers are small streams.

Nightlife lovers should take a closer look at the trendy club “L’Etoile”: here you can have fun at themed parties (Brazilian or Russian discos) and enjoy a varied music program. And if you want to enjoy a high level of service, listen to fashionable music, meet celebrities, visit “VIP Room Paris”.

Do you want to admire Paris, its surroundings and castles from the air? Your dream is realizable - you just have to go for a ride in an airship (it can accommodate 12 passengers, and the flight duration is 30 minutes - 1.5 hours)!

Fun for kids in Paris

Do you want to give a holiday to your child? Take it to “Aquaboulvar”, where the whole family can have fun on slides, spend time on sandy or pebble beaches, in hot tubs, pools with waterfalls and artificial waves, play tennis, bowling or squash.

An entertaining and educational complex can become an equally interesting place for families with children. “La Villette”: here everyone will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions, concerts and performances, to sessions in a 3D cinema “Geode”, walk through the themed gardens, look into the Planetarium (in addition to observing the stars and planets, here you can test yourself on Sinax - a simulator of intergalactic flights), ride attractions, see a submarine “Argonaut”, take a boat ride admiring the magnificent scenery.

Your child, and by the way, too, will surely like it in the interactive exhibition complex “Museum in Trava” - its visitors are introduced to works of art and natural phenomena, master classes on making various things with their own hands are held for them.

In Paris, you will not have to puzzle over what to occupy yourself with throughout your vacation: gardens, zoos, museums, operas, discos are at your service..


  • Things to do in Paris
  • Things to do in Paris
  • Things to do in Paris