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Education in France

Education in France

France is a major educational center in Europe, so you shouldn't be surprised that both children and adults come here from year to year to get an education in French schools, camps, lyceums and universities. Education in France has the following advantages:

  • Highest level of education;
  • Availability of a wide range of training programs at various levels;
  • Training is conducted in both French and English;
  • Reasonable tuition fees in comparison with other European countries;
  • Opportunity to come to the country to study under the scientific exchange program;
  • The French diploma is recognized all over the world.

Foreigners can study for free at public educational institutions in France, but under one important condition - knowledge of the French language must be impeccable. To enter a French university, you must:

  • Provide a certificate of secondary education;
  • Write a letter by sending it to the admissions office of the university;
  • Confirm your language proficiency by taking the DELF or DALF test.

Higher education in France

Higher education in France can be obtained for a long (5-8 years) or short (2 years) study period. Higher education is considered more prestigious (for admission, you will have to pass difficult entrance exams, while you do not need to take such exams to enter the university). In addition, before enrolling in a higher school, you will have to use the preparatory courses working at the school (you need to attend them for 2 years). But on the other hand, after graduating from high school, you can be sure of guaranteed employment and getting the most prestigious and lucrative position..

Studying at a higher school, you can apply for a job in the field of management, economics, culture, education, and military affairs. And after graduating from university, you can become a doctor, teacher, lawyer or scientist.

Work while studying

During their studies, students have the right to work legally. To do this, you need to send a request for a temporary work permit to the Department of Labor and Employment in France (based on a student visa). You can find a job yourself, or you can contact “Student union”.

Getting an education in France is considered prestigious, and after graduation, each student has a chance to undergo a free internship at French enterprises (most students are employed even before they finish their studies at the university).

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