Prices in the Riviera - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to the Riviera

Prices in the Riviera

Prices in the Riviera

The Riviera is open to tourists, but not every Russian can afford a vacation in this resort. It is considered elite and targeted at wealthy people. Holidays in the Riviera are characterized by maximum comfort and perfect service. The French Riviera or the French Riviera is a popular holiday destination for wealthy Europeans. France is generally considered one of the most expensive countries for travelers. The South Coast is one of the most prestigious regions of the country. Prices in the Riviera are higher than in other parts of France. In terms of their level, they are comparable to prices in Paris..
The Riviera is renowned for its healthy climates and good location. In the north, there are mountains that protect the area from cold air masses. Nearby is Provence, Italy and mountain alpine resorts. The decoration of the Riviera is Monte Carlo.


Geographically, this region includes the resorts of Saint-Raphael, Saint-Tropez, Le Lavandou, Saint-Maxime, Toulon, Monte Carlo, the Alpes-maritimes, Nice, Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Cannes. Prices in different places of the Cote d'Azur differ. The cost of rooms in hotels located in the most prestigious resorts of the Riviera is 70% higher. A place in a hotel near the sea is more valuable. Hotels located far from the coastal zone maintain budgetary prices. If you want to vacation in a prestigious location, get ready for high expenses. The most expensive villa is located near Saint-Tropez or Cape Antibes.

Nutrition issues

Restaurants located on the central streets of the resorts offer expensive meals. Lunch in a chic establishment costs from 120 euros. There is no upper price limit. If you move away from the fashionable and prestigious places, then you can eat in the restaurant for 40 euros. Usually budget restaurants and cafes post menus in front of the entrance. Approximate prices can be found there. If there is no such menu, then the prices are very high there. The cheapest thing is to eat in pizzerias. Tourists often arrange small picnics by purchasing groceries from local stores. It is a convenient and profitable way to dine. The period of the year also affects prices in the Riviera. Closer to the end of the summer season, prices begin to rise. They literally take off in May when the Cannes Film Festival is held. In France, the cost of goods and services can change arbitrarily, this does not contradict the law.


Going to the Cote d'Azur, do not forget that the local population consists of people with different incomes. A tourist can always choose what services suit him: those that are designed for wealthy vacationers or services that are in demand among the people. Transportation is cheap here. A ticket for an intercity bus running between Riviera districts does not cost more than 1.5 euros.


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