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West of France

West of France

Romantic and pragmatic, gastronomic and architectural, historical and modern, France has always been a special place on the must-see list. Each of its regions is worth close attention, any city is worthy of Mass, and therefore you can go on a trip to the country of vineyards and lavender fields an infinite number of times. In western France, the Loire Valley with dozens of medieval castles, the harsh Normandy, which gave the name to the brave squadron, and Brittany, with its cold Atlantic beaches and magnificent restaurants serving a hundred dishes of shells, have always attracted special attention of guests..

Cards on the table!

Five provinces in the region called the West of France are washed by the waters of the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean. The French themselves call them the keepers of great history and eternal values, which can be touched by travelers who decide to get acquainted with these amazing lands..

Time to look at the stones

One of the unique ancient sites in the west of France is the largest cluster of megalithic structures on the planet in Brittany. Near the city of Karnak, you can see three thousand huge stones that have survived from ancient times, forming whole alleys. Their authorship most likely belongs to the pre-Celtic peoples who inhabited the west of France, and some of the stones were installed at least 4500 BC.

Worthy of attention

Among the main attractions of western France are Norman historical and architectural treasures:

  • The Roman theater in Lillebonne is at least two thousand years old, because it was during the time of Emperor Octavian Augustus that these territories were reorganized and annexed to the great empire.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fortified island of Mont Saint Michel rises on the country's northwestern coast on a high cliff. Thanks to the ebb and flow of the tide, the path to it is now bare, then becomes inaccessible. The abbey located on the islet was built between the 11th and 14th centuries, and the island itself served as a fortress for centuries to repel Viking raids..

Note for gourmets

In addition to historical sights, the west of France is rich in opportunities for gastronomic tourism. Normandy, for example, is home to the famous Calvados and Camembert and Livaro cheeses. Brittany has a cult of growing oysters and snails, and the province is the main supplier of delicious delicacies to gourmet and other French cuisine restaurants..


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